29 June 2014

June Favourites!

I'm feeling a lot more like myself today, which is a good thing, but I'm back in college tomorrow with my devil of an English Teacher, which isn't the most enticing thing. Anyway, today's post is about the things I've been loving this month. Like all of my blog posts, there'll be a variety of things I've been loving and I'll do a favourites post every month so that you can see what I've been loving and hating! So here goes...

This is two favourites in one photograph. Three weeks ago, I turned 17, and I got a 'Kindle Paperwhite' for my Birthday. Honestly, it's one of the best things I have ever been given! As much as I enjoy reading and holding an actual book, the kindle is so much easier to use and it's a lot better to take into the garden with you too because wherever you put it, you can still read and you don't have the hassle of your pages blowing everywhere in the wind. The battery life is A M A Z I N G, 8 weeks of reading, what could be better? Another good thing is that I can read the books whenever I want too, and it's like my own little personal library which I can fit in my handbag, so it's perfect for long journeys. The book displayed on the screen is 'Anna and the French Kiss' by Stephanie Perkins which is another one of my favourites for this month. It is one of the cutest books I have ever had the pleasure of reading; you can check out my review of it on my GoodReads account.

It's more than likely that you've seen me raving about my very first ASOS purchase which was this beautiful satchel. I absolutely adore it! Check out my review of it here

This is a little bit of a random one, but who doesn't like randomness from time to time? I really love the 'Soft & Gentle' deodorant products. I think the main reason why I love these products so much is because they smell absolutely amazing, so fruity and summery. At the moment, I'm loving the 'Jasmine & Coco Milk' scent which is in the peachy pink bottle. It's also perfect for sensitive skin and it doesn't leave any white marks on your clothes which is an absolute saviour!

Next we go onto another one of my favourite things, perfumes. I have so many perfumes it's unbelievable, I always think that there's a perfect scent for every occasion. This month, I have been adoring 'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs which I purchased from Debenham s,but I'm sure you can buy it from other good retailers (it's a really popular scent). It smells really fruity and summery which is perfect for the summer months, however, I prefer to wear this if I'm going somewhere special so to a summer barbecue or party. The next scent, I'm not too sure if you'll be familiar with it. Many years ago (I sound really old now don't I?) I purchased the 'Music' fragrance from the 'Harajuku Lovers' collection by Gwen Stefani and I'm sadly running out, the only trouble is, I can't find the perfume anywhere and I can't find anything that smells like it. I absolutely love the packaging and I think the little statue of the doll is so adorable and really makes the perfume unique. It lasts for a very long time and is perfect for the day time. If anyone knows where I can purchase this scent, or anything similar, please leave it in the comments below! :)

Next, we move on to fashion. I went on a little shopping spree to Primark and I came across this cute little playsuit for £5, I knew I had to have it. It's perfect for going to the beach in and slipping over a bikini and it's really simple to take on and off. The material is really light so you wont be too warm and the pattern is really flattering. I've already worn this, and I styled it with a denim waistcoat (which I got from New Look) and a gold statement necklace, along with my white sandals. It looked really pretty and girly; perfect for a casual day. If they still have them in, which I think the probably will, then please do yourself a favour and go an purchase one. The playsuit pictured above is a size 6 and fits perfectly. 

Another thing purchased on my little Primark shopping spree are these 'Mary Jane' heels. They were £14 and I've only ever seen them in the Primark in Liverpool, but if you have seen them elsewhere then I would really recommend buying a pair. They were only £14 and I have seen similar in Topshop for £40 so personally, I really think these are worth while (not that I have anything against Topshop, I do love Topshop). I purchased these in the nude colour because I feel that they will go with most things in my wardrobe and are perfect for both winter and summer, although they did offer them in a ruby red which is also really nice if you enjoy to make a bold colour statement with your outfits (I will admit, I was unsure which colour to buy because I did love them both). The heel isn't too big, which is brilliant for people who aren't too comfy walking in heels and the padding at the ball of your feet really helps if you're going to be wearing them for a long period of time. I wore these recently for my birthday meal and I teamed them with a blue 
dress, and they looked absolutely perfect. I'm literally in love with them.

Another Section we move on to is Make-up. Now there is a lot of make-up in this favourites post so I am really sorry. The first one is this 'Soap & Glory: Solar Powder' which is like a bronzer with a small shimmer. I absolutely adore the 'Soap & Glory' range and their make up is seriously worth the money you pay for it. The bronzer lasts all day and doesn't make you look too brown or too pale which is what I really like about it. I also like the fact that it comes with a little mirror too so that you can easily top up if you ever need too. I think this was £11 from Boots.

Yet another 'Soap & Glory' product (see I told you I loved them). This is the 'Soap & Glory: Glow All Out' powder and it's the perfect colour of pink. It's got a small shimmer to it and it gives your skin a really radiant and natural glow which I think is perfect for summer. Sometimes, this is the only make-up I wear because it really is perfect. Like the Bronzer, it comes with a little compact mirror, which is super cute, and it was also £11 from Boots.

Okay, I promise that this is the last 'Soap & Glory' product in this post. I got this for my Birthday from my Mum and it is honestly one of the best things she has ever got for me. This is the 'Soap & Glory: Glow Job' which is a tinted moisturiser. If you apply this in a morning after ex-foliating your face, it gives you a perfect bronzed glow. When it's a beautiful day outside and you don't feel like wearing make-up, just apply some of this and a little touch of concealer to hide any blemishes, I promise it's one of the best things you will ever purchase!

The final thing in my make-up section of this post is the 'No7 Stay Perfect Foundation'. Now before I purchased this from Boots, I was completely clueless when it came to foundation. I didn't know what colour was best suited to my skin and I just kept guessing, which wasn't a good idea. Then I found out that Boots actually offer a really amazing service where they will put a small little machine onto your cheek and it will tell you what colour of foundation suits your skin, and the best bit is you don't have to wear no make-up, they have to take it off in order to try the foundation, but they do patch you back up again. The particular foundation above was £14 and is in the colour 'Cool Vanilla' which is the best suited to my skin. I absolutely adore this foundation and it is the best one I own. It really does what it says on the box, it stays perfectly and doesn't move your make-up. It is also really nice and gentle to apply to the skin. I only find that I need two pumps of the foundation to cover my face which means that I really am getting my value for money!

One of my final favourites are these 'real techniques' make-up brushes. I was given these as a present for my Birthday and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE. The foundation brush is one of the best for applying a perfect coverage of foundation, and the contour brush is perfect for blending and applying powder. The tips are so soft on the skin and I really can't understand why I hadn't purchased these brushes before. These were £20 for 4 from Superdrug. 

Finally, for the last part of this post, I wanted to cover music and film, but I didn't really have a picture (Sorry Guys!). This month, I've really been loving 'The Vamps' and their amazing album 'Meet The Vamps'. I'm really lucky enough to be going to see them in October in Liverpool and I really can't wait. It's definitely one of my favourite albums. I also recently purchase Mr Ed Sheeran's album which is absolutely phenomenal. As for films, I must say, I really love 'The Fault In Our Stars' which I went to watch for the second time yesterday. You can check out my review of the movie here

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed some of the things I've been loving this month. Comment below what you've been loving and also, if you do know a fragrance which is similar to the 'Harajuku Lovers' then please do let me know.

Lots of Love,
Meg x

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