22 June 2014

My First Purchase from ASOS

I've always been a big fan of the ASOS online store, I've loved looking at the different styles there and getting inspiration for the things I wear. One of the things I love about ASOS is that all of the things they sell seem to be affordable. This may come as a little bit of a surprise to you, but I've never actually bought anything from ASOS (see I told you that it'd sound silly). My mum was always so wary about buying things from online in case they didn't arrive or they were damaged (I blame this for my deprived ASOS experiences)

Anyway, when my bag broke (I always buy terrible bags because I'm hopeless for carrying things around with me) I knew that I was going straight to ASOS to buy a bag for myself. At the moment, especially for summer, I prefer bags that are like satchels, that you can just put over your shoulder and they look perfect with every outfit. I also have a beach bag (which believe it or not, is for the beach) and I think that it's perfect because you're not too bothered about getting sand in your bag and it ruining it (a mistake I always make). Now, when it comes to girls who are obsessed with going shopping, you have people who love to go mad buying clothes, shoeaholics and bagaholics. I am a bagaholic; I LOVE BAGS. I think I have around 20 different bags, just at the fact that you can never ever have too many bags, it's so good to have a different bag for every occasion. In my case, I went looking at ASOS for a casual bag which I could take with me when I go on days out or go shopping, it was also another requirement of the bag that it was able to fit my kindle in it, because I can never go anywhere without my kindle (it saves me from awkward situations).

On one sunny Thursday Morning, I purchased this gorgeous satchel with scallop detailing (I will post the link as soon as the ASOS site is back). It was originally £20 but with Student Discount (the perks of going to college) I got it for £18. They offer the style in a brown chestnut colour and a really pale pink. I chose the chestnut, because I thought it would go with more of the clothes in my wardrobe but if you think that the pale pink would suit you more, then you go for that one because they're both gorgeous!

I was so shocked that my ASOS bag came only TWO DAYS after I placed the order which was incredible and I got free food with it too which was also a bonus because who doesn't love free food!

Overall, I was really pleased with the product and it's very safe to say that I will definitely be buying more things from ASOS!
Until next time!
Meg x
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