23 June 2014

Outfit Of The Day: 50's/60's Inspired Look

As I said on my very first post, this blog is going to be extremely versatile, which is why I have decided to introduce a new segment which is called 'Outfit Of The Day'. Although I'm not a student studying fashion (sorry!), it is still something I am passionate about. This is why I have introduced a new section to my page where I will post a different outfit each day. These outfits will be inspired by my style and will be affordable. Being a student, it's sometimes hard to afford a £50 dress from Topshop, and from looking at other style blogs, I have yet to find one that will show items which are reasonably priced and easily affordable as well as good quality and fashionable. Well this is where my blog comes in. All of the items displayed on my fashion posts will be easily affordable and wont be ridiculously priced (who wants to pay £60 for a dress anyway?!).

For the outfit shown above, I tried to go for a 50's/60's theme as I love the clothes from this era, and I think the skirt is super cute! Everything above is from ASOS, the link to the outfit is on my Polyvore Page which I have linked. Personally, I think the outfit would be perfect to wear to go out shopping or even to a summer barbecue because it is casual but extremely classy, which is how I like to dress (unless you're having a lazy day around the house of course, that's where the sweatpants and baggy hoodies make an appearance).

You can check back tomorrow for another outfit post!
Keep Dreaming, Keep Smiling and Keep Strong!
Lots of Love
Meg x
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