27 June 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Back To Black

Guess what? I spent today in Hospital again, which wasn't exactly brilliant, but I'm hopefully going to be better for Monday, which is something I'm really hoping. 

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of white shirts with a black check on them, as well as dresses and trousers but it seems to be the tops and shirts that are making more of an appearance on the fashion scene. After walking around some of the High Street Stores, I found some of these shirts, but they were around £30, that is until I went into H&M and laid eyes on this little gem for only £10 (A Bargin!). This works perfectly with a plain black Skater Skirt, either leather or not, which is an essential for any wardrobe for any season as you can never go wrong with black. As it's Summer, I'd wear the outfit with a pair of black sandals or if you want to make it really formal, go for a pair of black wedges. The bag, once again, is my favourite satchel with scallop detailing from ASOS (I've raved about this bag a lot, sorry!). As for accessories, it depends how you have your hair. If your hair is down, or tied to the side, go for the bowler hat, which makes the outfit look really classy and allows it to stand out from the crowd. However, if you decide to wear your hair up in a bun or a high pony tail, the go for the statement earrings as they will really add some glamour to the outfit. As for the shirt, it can look plain, which is why it's necessary to add a statement necklace, either gold or black! They would both look fabulous!

Now for beauty. I've already explained hair, but for make-up, I would go for some red lips to give the outfit a pop of colour, you never want a fully black outfit in the summer, you'd swelter! As for nails, go for plain black, maybe with some glitter if you're going to a party. Overall, the outfit is a smart casual, but as with any outfit, you can change some things to make it formal.

Keep smiling
Lots of love
Meg x
(Link to the outfit can be found Here)
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