24 June 2014

Outfit Of The Day: H&M

Today's 'Oufit Of The Day' comes from H&M. I love H&M because the clothes and accessories are really cheap but amazing quality, which is what I look for in a shop (I do love Primark but not when a dress only lasts me a week because it decided to shrink when it was washed). The Summer Range is absolutely perfect for holidays and summer days sat in the garden, which means that you can look fashionable and not have to use all of your money on clothes. 

In the outfit above, I tried to go for a 'Summer walk along the Beach' sort of vibe. I'm all about hats (another one of my little fashion obsessions) because I think they really add something to an outfit, but if you're not a hat person then you could always add a headband or flower crown. In all honesty, if you wear your hair up, or in a plait to the side, you wouldn't need any accessory, but it was just a suggestion. Furthermore, I also think that a pair of white shorts is an essential for the Summer as they are an item in your wardrobe that will go with anything (apart from cream of course, I never think white mixes well with cream). The sparkle on the sandals brings a girly theme to the outfit and would be perfect for shopping or a walk along the beach at night whilst you're on holiday. It really is a smart casual vibe. However, if you did want to go completely casual, then there's nothing wrong with a pair of converse, vans or pumps as they would also work perfectly with the outfit (they don't even need to be real Converse, H&M are selling shoes similar to Converse for half the price and they look just as good).

For all of the details about today's outfit, the link is on my Polyvore Page . Come and check back tomorrow for another 'Outfit of the Day'
Keep Smiling!
Meg x

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