25 June 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Styling the 'Long Black Skirt'

Recently, as I've been walking around the shops, I have been seeing a lot of people wearing long black skirts. These seem to be one of the fashion crazes of the summer with them selling out of the shops very quickly. However, (and I am a culprit of this also) people are buying these skirts yet are completely clueless as to how to style them. I know this is only one outfit but hopefully it will give someone some inspiration. As always, the items shown in today's outfit are all easily available and reasonably priced.

For the 'Long Black Skirt', I chose one from ASOS. Now, from recent posts, you will know how much I love buying things from ASOS, since buying my bag last week (which you may spot in the outfit above) I have been obsessed with buying clothes online, and this skirt is another one of the things I purchased. It's perfect to for a casual day, but you can always add a statement necklace to make it look a little more smart. I teamed the skirt with a crop top (also from ASOS) as I think crop tops are perfect for summer and it really adds some colour to the outfit as I think wearing dark colours in the Summer is horrible. In order to make the outfit look smart, I added a pair of wedges, but if you're like me and are hopeless at walking in heels, you can always add a pair of flat sandals. Nevertheless, I do like the wedges because I feel like they give the outfit some height and you'll be able to see them under the skirt also ensuring that it isn't trailing along the floor (trust me, there's nothing worse!). I then added this beautiful bag, which you can check my review of here as I think it goes well with most outfits (you'll be seeing it a lot in other posts!). Some beautiful jewellery is always good for an outfit, which is why I have chosen this statement bracelet and a beautiful necklace which isn't too big so doesn't make the outfit look like too much. Finally, an outfit is never complete in the summer without a pair of sunglasses (whether you actually wear them or are like me and constantly wears them on your head). The whole outfit can be accessed on my Polyvore.

Now, next comes to make up and hair. I think this would look perfect with any hairstyle; a plait to the side, loose curls, straight, a high ponytail, a messy bun! Just experiment! As for makeup, I would go for quite a natural look, maybe using a bronze on the eyes. I don't believe in trying too hard with makeup in the summer, it's always better to go natural, because your face tans easily too! I found this eye popping nail varnish which matched the outfit perfectly, so that definitely had to go in there. I love wearing bright colours on my nails in the summer, just make sure that your fingernails and toenails are never the same colour (it too a lot for me to write that as I have a very bad phobia of toenails, yep, that's not weird at all)

Come back tomorrow for another 'Outfit Of The Day'
Make sure to like the post and comment with any styles you'd like to see me do, or if you have any items that you're unsure about, I'm always here to help!
Lots of love
Meg x
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