11 July 2014

Family Birthday Meal

The 4th July is a big day for a lot of reasons. For most people, it's known as independence day in America, but for me, it's my Mambly's Birthday and also my Mambly & Grandad's wedding anniversary (Yes, they got married on her birthday and it is so adorable!).

If you're now wondering "What's a Mambly?" then please do allow me to explain. In my world, Mambly means Grandma. When I was a little girl, I could never say Grandma, and also my Grandma didn't want to be called Grandma or Gran or Nan or Nana. One day, she came round to our house, and the first word I said to her was something that sounded vaguely like 'Mambly' and it stuck. Therefore, Mambly means Grandma, it's just my special little way of saying things.

This year, dare I say, my Grandma turned 81 and the lovely couple have been married an amazing 61 years (they got a card from the Queen last year, sending her congratulations on their milestone marriage). It is tradition in the Goodier household that we must go for a meal for someone's birthday, and this occasion was no exception. So off we went to a local restaurant around the corner from our house called 'Larkins'. It's owned by a family, who all work in the restaurant, and the moment you walk through the door, you're made to feel welcome. It just feels like you're part of that family.

We'll move onto food in a little while, but for the minute, I'd just like to say how gorgeous my drink was. Now, I decided not to have an alcoholic drink at the main fact that no one else I was with was having one either. I tried one of the new J2O flavours which was the Rasberry and Apple. Oh my days! It was absolutely beautiful. The taste was just reminded me of summer and it tasted absolutely amazing, I have a new favourite summer drink. For my starter, I had a 'Gondola of Melon' which was basically a piece of melon with some oranges on top. It made the perfect light starter which was gorgeous as it was such a hot day. Being the typical British person that I am, I had fish and chips for my main course. It was the best fish and chips I have ever had in my life, this is no lie. The Fish was really easy to cut and I love the way the chips were fries because I have this thing where I prefer fries to actual chips, but it was absolutely beautiful. Although three desserts are shown above, I didn't have all three. I had strawberries and ice cream, which I basically live off in the summer. My Mambly had like a Manderin Cream sort of Dessert along with my mum who had the same. The final one is the trifle which was home made and possibly the biggest trifle I have ever seen, which I believe, in my Grandad's words of course, was "absolutely bloody beautiful".

The staff at Larkins were so lovely and offered to take some photos of my family and I. I put them above, if you didn't know which one I am, then I'm the young girl on the far right hand side with the fringe (always the kid with the fringe). I love my little famalam lots! We then headed home and sang happy birthday to my Mambly and lit her cake (which was also very beautiful!).

So Happy Birthday Mambly and Happy Wedding Anniversary Mambly & Grandad! Thankyou for everything you do! I love you so much. Also thankyou to the staff at Larkins for making the Birthday meal a spectacular night out!
We'll definitely be returning!
Lots of love,
Meg x
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