13 July 2014

Festivals, Musicals and Barbecues!

I know I normally start my posts with some form of photo, but as this is a post about things that have happened to me these past few days, then we'll insert photos when appropriate.

Firstly, we start with musicals. On Thursday 10th July, College organised for Charlotte and I to go and have a tour around the Everyman Theatre and Playhouse in Liverpool. Both tours were absolutely amazing and as we both want some form of career in the drama industry, it was really interesting to find out different things. We weren't allowed up on stage, but it was really tempting to go up and start doing a little bit of improvisation. I absolutely love the Everyman Theatre, it's really modern AND it has a writing room! If you have an idea for a new play or production, then you rent out the room and it gives you the inspiration to write out your ideas. Surrounding you are hundreds of plays from different writers so I was a little bit in my element. We then went for a little wander into Liverpool for some food, and I had my first Nandos! Yes, my FIRST Nandos! It didn't disappoint, I think it may just be one of my new favourite restaurants. Charlotte and I also broke the ice machine too, which was absolutely hilarious but shhh! In order to end an amazing day, we were lucky enough to be able to watch 'Betty Blue Eyes' which is an all singing, all dancing musical that has been on tour around the UK. The final destination is the Liverpool Playhouse and it will be being performed there until August 2nd. I wasn't really expecting much from the musical, the only thing I knew was that it was about a pig. Well, after watching it, I can honestly say that it is probably one of my new favourite musicals. It was hilariously funny, and the songs were so catchy. It's set in the Second World War, and the jitterbug scene is absolutely phenomenal! The singers were so on point and the dancers were absolutely amazing. I couldn't fault the acting at all, and the cast members are also really friendly. If you can get down to the Playhouse in Liverpool then PLEASE go to see it; you wont regret it! The link to the trailer for the musical is here.

Yesterday was such a busy day for me. I had Rainford Summer Festival to attend and then we were invited to a friends barbecue. Rainford Festival was a massive success and as a student, it was amazing to see my college in a different light. There was always something going on wherever you went. We made friends with a magician who literally blew my mind. I have no idea how he did those tricks, but I was mesmerized. I also made some new friends which was lovely because I enjoy meeting new people. Also, there were also some very pretty people around, which was also nice to look at. The entertainment was faultless, I really liked a band called 'The Patriots' because they were really good, and they sang 'Use Somebody' by Kings of Leon which is one of my favourite songs. A lot of my friends were performers at the Festival, so it was amazing to cheer them on, and they all did brilliantly, I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

After an wonderful day at Festival, it was off to a Summer barbecue. Typically in Britain, it rains when people decide to have barbecues and today was no exception, it didn't stop us from having a wonderful time. This was one of the more sober photos taken. It was really lovely to be re-united with old friends but to also make some new friends too! I'm pictured above with my Mum & Dad just before I had 2 glasses of punch, vodka and a glass of champagne. I was still standing at the end of the night though and completely remember everything that happened. I'm a good girl. It was a brilliant night, I absolutely love parties. We should all compliment my Father's shirt, which I kindly purchased for him at the main fact that it has a VW and a surfboard on the front of it. I'm such a wonderful daughter.

Anyway, thankyou for reading!
Lots of love,
Meg x

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