10 July 2014

My First Journalism Article

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently on work experience. Being a lover of writing and all things creative, I decided to ask my local paper if they would agree to having me work with them for two weeks in order to allow me to see what it was like to be a journalist and the different tasks involved. Luckily, they agreed to have me and today something pretty big happened. I wrote my first article for them, not thinking that it would be good enough for them to publish, but as I was having a nosy through the paper, like I normally do, I stumbled across this little gem. MY ARTICLE. I don't know if you can see clearly from the photo but underneath the caption it says 'By Megan Goodier'. I know this may not seem like a big event, but this is a massive deal for me, to have my work published for the people of my town to read. I am so happy and so excited for things to come and future articles I may write!
Never give up hope!
Lots of love,
Meg x

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