7 July 2014

My little day at the Beach!

Here in the UK, we don't get a lot of sunshine, and when we do, it's the only excuse we get to go to the beach. Yesterday, the sun was absolutely cracking the flags and the only place suitable to go was the seaside town of Blackpool! My family and I absolutely love Blackpool. It seems to have received bad reports and built up a bad reputation, but the council have worked so hard to restore the seaside family vibe, and I really do think it's working. The promenade is flawless, and although I'm a little scared of seagulls, we enjoyed a lovely family walk on the sands. Even the dog was entertained. My Grandma and I also took a little paddle in the sea, which was surprisingly warm but just a little bit dirty. We then sat on the steps for a little while, looking out to sea and watching the waves come into the shore. The only thing annoying me was the fact that people were feeding the seagulls which meant that every time they flew over me, I ended up with my hood up or crouching down so that I didn't get pooped on. I have such a phobia of birds, they really freak me out, especially seagulls as they always seem to steal my food. They should just go and get their own! Sitting by the sea was so relaxing, and although I could've sat there all day and watched the world go by, we had to leave. I did get bribed with a little treat of an Ice Cream from my dad, which was absolutely delicious may I add. 

Next, we stopped off at Stanley Park which is a place that holds a lot of childhood memories for me. I came here a lot with my family when I was a little girl, and since the park has had some work done, it is a pleasure to return. The play area for the children is superb, I wish I could've gone to play but I'm 17 and was trying to be somewhat mature. There is no dirt or rubbish around the park and it was a beautiful day to walk around such a beautiful environment. I don't know if you can tell from the photos shown above, but I was particularly fascinated with the flower garden. Surrounding the fountain, a burst of bright summer colours surrounded us as we sat just watching the world go by, the sun still beaming on our faces. It really did feel like summer was finally here. 

Heading home, with a little stop at McDonalds, it truly was such a wonderful day! I love little family trips, they really make me value the people I have around me and it always seems to create the best memories for me. If you are ever in Blackpool: please don't let the seagulls take your food; walk along the promenade because it truly is beautiful and pay a visit to Stanley Park. Also, please do say hello to Freda the duck who decided she would like to follow us around the lake, she's a babe. 

Until Next Time!
Lots of love
Meg x

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