20 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Denim Dress (Niomi Smart Inspired Look)

Recently, I'm loving watching Youtuber Niomi Smart's Videos. I really love her natural look as I think she doesn't look like she's tried too hard but she still looks really lovely and fashionable. In a lot of her style videos, she mentions how much she loves taking a simple item and adding accessories to jazz it up a little. the majority of her things seem to be from ASOS and H&M which are both fabulous for summer style, especially H&M as it's so affordable! I created this outfit with Niomi in mind; it really reminded me of something she would wear!

Everything in the outfit is from H&M. I found this gorgeously simple denim dress and teamed it with a pair of brown shoes as I thought this added a little bit of edge to the outfit. I love the 80's and these shoes reminded me a little bit of that era which was why I added them in. They also compliment the colour of denim and the belt really well. I then added this fringe bag as an accessory as it adds a statement to the outfit. Niomi mostly wears sun hats in the summer, and I found this which I instantly loved. However, I wouldn't put the earrings in as well just in case it makes things look a little too much. If you're not a hat person, go for the earrings, if you don't have your ears pierced go for the hat! Add the gold sparkly bangles and the sunglasses and then your outfit is complete.

Niomi doesn't tend to wear a lot of make up so I would go for a completely natural look with this outfit. I'd wear your hair down, maybe loosely curled or wear it naturally, natural hair is always good in the summer months. A baby pink or a French manicure would be perfect for your nails!

Lots of Love
Meg x
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