5 July 2014

Outfit of the Day: Miss Selfridge

I'm really sorry for not posting these past few days. I've been having a little bit of a poop time and I just needed to take a small break so I'm really sorry if I've let any of you down. Anyway, I haven't done an 'Outfit of the Day' for a little while now so I thought that it was time for another updated one. Now, I know I do go mad about paying a lot for some items, but sometimes, it's nice to pay a little bit more for some things because you feel better in them (I know I do) but also some people prefer to pay more for their clothes, which is why this outfit is a combination of both pricey and cheaper.

This summer, Miss Selfridge is selling some absolutely gorgeous things, and even though they may be on the higher price scale, they are still amazing quality and amazingly stylish. These pastel pink shorts from Miss Selfridge are absolutely gorgeous, and the pale blue camisole with pink floral detailing (also from Miss Selfridge) really compliments them. This outfit has such a cute, girly vibe which is created by the pastel colours. You can never go wrong with pastel in the spring and summer months. The sandals are from ASOS, and the white clutch bag, an essential, is from H&M. As I think the outfit itself is missing something, I added a small necklace from H&M for only £2 which I felt made the outfit complete as well as the bracelets from Lipsy. I didn't go for a statement necklace at the main fact that I thought it would overpower the outfit and take away the beautiful detailing of the camisole. If you wanted to make the outfit a little more casual, I would recommend adding the sun glasses, these are from H&M.

Once again, I would go for quite a natural look with this outfit, just because I think that it would go along with the girly vibe. I'm not saying go completely natural but just don't make yourself look like a walking tangerine. I'd go for pale pinks and maybe some pale blue on the eyes, with a little bit of shimmer if you wanted to. Check out my June Favourites for the make-up that I have been loving.

Until Next time!
Lots of love
Meg x

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