14 August 2014

A-Level Results Day

I know a lot of people have got their A-Level results back today, whether it be to see if they have got a place at their desired University or to see if they have got the correct grades to enable them to further their education to A2. I was one of these people who had to get their results to see if they were able to continue into Year 13 in order to apply for University next year and guess what? I DID IT. I was really expecting 4 E's because after sitting my exams, I was sure that I had failed. In the end I came out with an A in Drama, B in English Language, C in English Literature and a D in ICT, which I will obviously be dropping because OCR are the worst exam board ever. I'm so proud of my results, but I don't feel like I worked as hard as I could have which is why next year I am going to try so hard to get my place at University!

Congratulations to everyone who got their results today, I'm sure you've all done absolutely amazing! Also, good luck to everyone getting their GCSE Results next week, I remember what that was like last year!

Happy Happy Happy!
Lots of Love
Meg x
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