31 August 2014

Bring Me Sunshine in Morcambe

Bring me Sunshine in your smile
Hello Everyone!
Today is officially the last day off before we go back to school/college. It's a tradition in my family that we have a really fun day out on our last day, and today we went to Morcambe. I've never been to Morcambe before and I was really looking forward to seeing what it would be like, especially getting a photo taken with the statue of the legendary Eric Morcambe. We spent most of our time in Happy Mount Park which was really beautiful and packed full of families enjoying the glorious sunshine, we sat and listened to the band who enthusiastically played some classic songs which was really lovely and relaxing, just the perfect sunny afternoon! Slowly, we strolled down the Promenade to visist Mr Morcambe, taking in the astonishing sights of the Lake District and then made our way back to the car for a long journey home! Overall, Morcambe is so beautiful and is definitely a place I'll be visiting again, I can't believe I hadn't yet discovered this perfect seaside town that was right on my doorstep! Here are some of the photos that I took in Morcambe today, enjoy!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

The outstanding view of the Lake District

Happy Mount Park was such a happy little place

The flowers were so bright and beautiful

My photogenic little pooch

The amazing band providing afternoon entertainment in the park

Lots of Love,
Meg x
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