11 August 2014

Holidays: Cornwall 2014

As some of you may, or may not, have noticed, I haven't posted something on my blog for a very very long time. This is because I've been on holiday. For the past four years, I've been going down to Cornwall with my family. We absolutely love it down there, I especially love the beaches, just because I really want to be a mermaid (does anyone else wish they could be one too? or is it just me?). Anyways, I'm just going to give you a little insight as to what my wonderful family holiday consisted of. 

    Just coming out of the sea on a boiling hot day

Dad and I getting ready to surf

We arrived in Rejarrah, a very small quaint little village just in between Newquay and Perranporth, on a sunny Thursday morning. That day was mostly spent setting up our caravan and finding our way around the caravan site. It also consisted of me making a few more friends and going into ASDA for an hour just to get internet connection (yes I was that desperate). As I previously said, I absolutely adore going down to the beach when we're in Newquay so on the majority of the days, we spent it on the beach watching the surfers. The first day was particularly boiling so I spent all of the day in the sea, and then the rest of the days on the beach were mostly spent surfing. I particularly loved what the sea did to my hair, no one probably noticed but it made it go extremely curly which I fell a little bit in love with. However, the most spectacular thing to happen on the beach was on one particular day. We were lounging around on our towels when the lifeguard announced that there were Dolphins who had come into the shore. Everyone ran down to the sea and as we stood, we saw the beautiful creatures dipping and diving (I now really want a pet Dolphin). 

Pretty Flowers at Trebah Gardens

Smelling pretty flowers

Sitting in Alice's Seat

Posing with my mother and the tree. My dog was clearly amused.

The Minack Theatre

Oh Oh Oh What a Lovely War
Watching Oh What a Lovely War with Mum 

Although I may have made it seem like I spent most of my time at the beach, we actually had some pretty awesome days out. We had such a wonderful day at Trebah Gardens which is a massive garden full of beautiful flowers and trees, lakes, ponds, beaches and displays. It was so calming and relaxing to walk around and take in the beautiful sights. Nevertheless, I did get us lost looking for Alice's Seat, which we did find in the end! Another one of the biggest highlights of my holiday was going to see 'Oh What a Lovely War' at the Minack Theatre with my Mum. The Minack is such a gorgeous place, it's an outdoor theatre by the sea, which means that the scenery was so picturesque. Being a Drama Student, I've studied the 'Oh What a Lovely War' a lot and I really wanted to go and see it to actually see for myself what it would be like and how it would be staged (I seem to create all these little images in my head and I wanted to see if it was like I would have imagined it to be). A little bit of extra magic was added as we went to watch it on the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I, so at the finale, the actors came on stage and looked out to France whilst every member of the audience stood up as a mark of respect to all the brave men who lost their lives for us.

Perranporth Carnival Street Flags 

Perranporth Carnival

Looe Town Crier

In my favourite place in Cornwall, Looe

Looe Carnival

Pretty little horse at Looe Carnival

Christmas came early!
It's typical in the Summer for the small little villages of Cornwall to host Carnivals in order to support the community and local businesses. We were lucky enough to see two of the best Carnivals. The first was in our nearest local town called Perranporth. It was absolutely adorable, the little children were on the floats going around the village and everyone was so happy, no one seemed to have a care in the world. After a while, we all ended up dancing to Pharrell and I followed the 'Frozen' float around the village singing 'Let it Go' at the top of my voice. The next Carnival we attended was in Looe, which was really lovely. Looe is my favourite place in Cornwall, it's a quaint little village with a lot going on. Walking along the tiny streets, the town crier came ringing his bell announcing the Carnival. Immediately, my family and I knew that we had to stay. Yet again, it was another successful and adorable display! I love Carnivals!

Sunset at PortReath

Walks on the beach with my little boy

Watergate Bay

Finally, the only way to end my Holiday would be a music festival. We headed off to the Board Masters, which is a surfing and music festival held down in Cornwall on Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach. We go every year, and this year was no exception. It resulted in me having a little bit too much cider and singing along to Montell Jordan's hit 'This is How We Do it' which then became one of the songs that will remind me of this holiday. Sadly, thanks to hurricane Bertha, the last day of the Festival was cancelled but it was still a massive success and still just as amazing as every year we have attended. I flipping love festivals. I just wanted to add that my songs of the summer this year would have to be George Ezra 'Budapest', Union J 'Tonight We Live Forever', Magic! 'Rude' and of course Montell Jordan 'This is how we do it'.

I arrived home to dreary and dumpy St Helens for my day to be brightened by my best friend Liv who came and gave me the warmest welcome home and whom I had a lovely catch up in Starbucks with!

Thanks for reading!
Lots of Love
Meg x
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