20 August 2014

Meeting my Internet Friend Sarah

Sarah and I
When people are younger, they're always told to never speak to strangers, which makes me wonder how did we ever make friends with people in the first place? Because even our best friends started out as strangers once. Another thing a lot of people don't seem to agree with is a certain thing called 'internet friends' which I personally think is a load of crap! Since I created my first Twitter Account, I've met so many wonderful people who I can honestly say will remain my friends for the rest of my life. I always find it handy to have friends outside of the work place or education because it allows you to be yourself and not have any reminders of your everyday life, plus I seem to get on with people a lot better. It's an amazing experience being able to make friends with someone and learn everything about them, which includes making sure that they are a genuine person before you go and meet them. However, it's an even more amazing experience when you actually get to meet this person in real life which is what happened to me today.

Sarah and I have been speaking over Twitter now for over two years. When we first started speaking, I was 15 and Sarah was 16, we got on instantly and bonded over everything from boybands to fashion to helping each other out when we needed to rant or a shoulder to cry on. The only problem was  that we lived hours away from one another and we were both too young to travel, so we presumed that this meant that we would just have to remain friends on the internet and nothing more. Well weren't we wrong. Sarah and I had planned that because we were older, we would try to meet up some time this year and today, that finally happened. I met my friend Sarah for the first time today in Manchester and our meeting was so lovely! We gave each other a massive hug and we immediately started talking and didn't shut up for the rest of the day. Honestly, it felt like I'd known her my whole life and I can now say that I truly have a friend for life and we will definitely be meeting up again soon!

To all of those people who say that the friends we make on the internet are nothing but fake and silly, then you're completely wrong and completely clueless. I've made some wonderful friends and now I have friends from all over the world and it's absolutely amazing that I am blessed to be in the company of the most beautiful people in the world! Never give up on meeting your friends, Sarah and I have had to wait 2 years but it finally happened!

Lots of love,
Meg x
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