11 August 2014

Meeting Union J!

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have noticed that my icon has changed to a photo of myself and Mr Josh Cuthbert from boyband Union J. If you hadn't noticed, then please take this small moment out of your day to follow me (@MeganGoodier). I'm such a massive fan of Union J, I've loved them since they were on X Factor and I have been really lucky enough to meet them in person twice before. Two weeks ago, the day I went on holiday, the boys came on their radio tour around the UK in order to promote their new single (which is AMAZING) called 'Tonight (We Live Forever)'. They travelled around the local radio stations in Manchester, only stopping to meet individual fans at Key 103 which luckily enough was where I happened to be waiting for them. However, my day didn't start that easy, so I'll take you through my experience of meeting Union J for the third time. 

This time, for meeting the boys was extremely different from the last. I woke up that morning feeling extremely panicky and not too like myself so I had to cancel on my friends who I was attending with, and took to my bed feeling extremely sorry for myself. It was the only chance I might get to meet them like this and I'd ruined it for myself, good going Meg! Nevertheless, after sleeping for a little while, I woke up again and felt a lot more like myself. I knew they were going to be at Key 103 quite late, so then came the debate as to if to make the effort to go and try to see them; of course I said yes!

Rushing to the station to try to make the next train, I hopped on and then back off again into the bustling streets of Manchester. The challenge now was to find my friends Daisy, Emma, Abby & Katrina who had all arrived at the radio station and were waiting for the boys. I'm not very familiar with Manchester, so I decided to go onto the Metro (for the first time, so brave I know) and got off at Deansgate which I was told was right by Key 103. I then had an emotional reunion with my friends, it needed emotional music, it was like a cute film when they run up the street and all have a massive hug and then the wait began to meet the boys. 

5 hours later, we were still sat outside the radio station, along with the 500 other fans who had turned up to meet them, waiting for them to come out. The wait included singing songs with Daisy, sitting on Daisy and arguing with a loud girl who thought that she knew everything. Security had made it very clear that the boys would see us all but could only take selfies with us and couldn't spend a while with us, which was fair enough, everyone was going to get to meet them. Finally, the boys emerged from the building and started from one end of the queue making their way around to meet the different fans who had come out to see them. 

Jaymi Hensley
George Shelley

Josh Cuthbert

Daisy; The Light of my life (apparently)

First person to come and say hello was Jaymi, he took a really quick selfie with me and thanked me and my friends for waiting outside for them. I then told him that I liked his hat, to which he thanked me for and then moved on to the next person to get a Selfie with them. Next person to come and say hello was JJ and he was the most adorable. Once again, he thanked us for waiting, and when I asked for a little kiss on the cheek, he agreed to give me one. He took another selfie with me, gave me a hug and then moved on to the next fan. My favourite Shelley then came and I handed him his Birthday card with his bandana wrapped around it and said a little bit enthusiastically "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to which he pulled me into a really tight hug, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "aw thankyou darlin" which was very lovely of him. Finally Josh came and I gave him his Birthday card, said again very enthusiastically "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to which I got a hug and another lovely selfie.

So there we have it, it wasn't really a long meeting with them, but it was still a meeting. The longest I have ever had with them was when I met them for the very first time in Manchester last year randomly outside a hotel. I cannot thank Union J enough for taking the time out to meet every single fan who had turned up at Key 103 to meet them. It made us feel like we were valued and appreciated. They couldn't thank us enough for waiting and for our support. They deserve all the success in the world and they are genuinely the nicest and most down to earth guys! I'm so proud of you little loves!

Lots of Love
Meg x



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