22 August 2014

Shopping Haul!

Hello Everyone!
I've been doing a lot of shopping recently, whether it be for clothes for college or something for a party and I've picked up some absolutely beautiful things for really decent prices so I'd just like to share with you some of the things I've purchased and what I've been loving to wear! I'm going to apologise in advance for my awful modelling skills and also my terrible photography! Also, just a note to say that everything shown in the photos is my own and this hasn't been purchased in one big shopping spree, it's been bought over a period of time. Nevertheless, the things have been purchased recently enough for you to go out and buy them if you would like too! Comment if you like any of the outfits :)
BARGIN! Topshop Dress Reduced from £50 to £10!

Top from New Look (£12.99)
Jeans from Matalan (£14.00)
Shoes from New Look (£4.99)
Necklace from Primark (£3.00)
This is the same Checked Shirt as shown below but I decided to tie it instead
Checked Shirt from New Look (£17.99)
White Top from Primark (£2.00)

Dress from H&M (£14.99)
Top from New Look (£8.00)
Playsuit from Peacocks (£16.00)
Top from Hollister (£22.00)
Top from Topshop (£25.00)
I hope you've got a little bit of inspiration about what's available on the High Street at the moment!
Lots of Love,
Meg x

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