5 October 2014

Meet The Vamps Tour 2014!

In May, I was extremely lucky enough to get tickets to go and see The Vamps on their headline 'Meet The Vamps Tour' on the 4th October at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Yesterday, I finally got to see The Vamps live and they were amazing!

As it was the first actual arena date on their tour, I expected a great show and I seriously wasn't disappointed! Firstly, we watched EofE, Luke Friend and Nina Nesbitt, the support acts for the tour, each of whom was absolutely amazing! I especially loved Luke Friend, his songs were so catchy, I haven't stopped singing them since his set last night. When the crowd sang his lyrics back to him, his face was a picture.

 In anticipation, the crowd waited for The Vamps to start their set, singing along to the songs playing on the screen. Finally, the lights dimmed and 'Oh Cecilia' began playing, the crowd dancing and singing along, then bounding onto the stage came James, Connor, Brad and Tristan. They absolutely smashed it! After watching them live, you truly realise how talented those boys are. Tristan's drum solo was one thing that stole the show; it was absolutely phenomenal, the crowd were blown away. They had us entertained throughout the whole thing, constantly getting us involved and letting us jump around.

The boys vocals were on point throughout the night, they've worked hard for the success and amazing things they've achieved and they deserve everything. The pride and effort they put into that show really made it a night to remember. I've been to quite a lot of concerts, but The Vamps topped it off by far! I'll definitely be getting tickets to their Arena Tour with Union J in April/May 2015!

Here are some photos I took last night, I do apologize if they are terrible!
This was our view from where we were sat in the Echo Arena

EofE Playing their set!

Luke absolutely smashed his set last night

Luke Friend

Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt

Brad & James' VT promoting Teenage Cancer Trust

Action Shot of Brad

'Hello Liverpool you sexy lot'

'You're all looking extremely gorgeous tonight'

They just look like little rays of light, oops

Luke joined the boys on stage for 'Oh Cecilia'

A bit of love between Luke & James

Connor during 'Last Night'

'For you I'd risk it all'

Risk it All


Absolutely smashed their set, amazing show boys!

Lots of love,
Meg x

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