8 October 2014

One Short Day in the Emerald City!

It's a known fact that I LOVE musicals, so when 'Wicked' landed here in Liverpool, I knew I had to get tickets. I've been to see 'Wicked' twice before, once in London and then the second time in Manchester, and I think it's pretty safe to say that it's one of my favourite musicals. It never fails to amaze me and leave me singing all of the songs. Until Sunday, I thought that my mum had failed in the attempt to get us tickets. The minute they went on sale, the complete tour sold out and I was absolutely gutted when my mum told me that she hadn't managed to get us tickets. One day, I happened to be browsing TicketMaster and I came across some tickets left for the 7rh October. I kept subtly dropping hints, which included constantly wearing my 'Wicked' top and constantly singing the songs, then I started nagging and nagging but nothing happend so I gave up and retreated to my room to play the soundtrack on repeat. What a fantastic way to cheer yourself up Meg, well done! Anyway, on Sunday night, my mum surprised me with tickets to see 'Wicked' on Tuesday 7th October 2014 and it was safe to say that I was just a little bit excited. Apparently, she'd had them booked for over two months, but wanted to tell me after I had been to see 'The Vamps' so that the shine wasn't taken away from them (see, isn't she just lovely).

So, last night was the night that I finally went to see my favourite musical at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool. Excitedly bounding into the foyé, which was splashed with green lights, I went to look at the 'Oz-Dust Boutique' but couldn't really buy anything seeing as I already had most of the things (Can you tell that I'm a big fan yet?). We then made our way to our seats, and we had a phenomenal view. It was the first time my mum had ever watched 'Wicked' so I was curious to see if she would like it. I eagerly waited in anticipation, tapping my feet as the band warmed up. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, the monkeys came jumping onto the stage and the drums sounded. I was overwhelmed with excitement. By the interval, I'd already cried, but I do cry each time I hear 'Defying Gravity' sung live, it's one of my favourite songs. I also cried when Elphie and Garlinda sung 'For Good' which truly moves me each time, I really listen to the lyrics and they touch me. The performance went far too quickly, I just wanted to sit in the theatre for the whole night and never leave. Sadly, the performance had to end and I was left speechless as to what an amazing show I had witnessed. The singers were on point, I couldn't fault their vocals. If I had a singing voice like that, I would never shut up singing 'Defying Gravity' (when I sing it, I sound like a cat meowing). The staging, the set and the band all have to be credited on their phenomenal talent, I think they get so overlooked. The articulate detail to costumes and makeup was amazing, people had gone to so much effort for the show and it was truly spectacular. The performers got a standing ovation from the crowd and it was a truly magical experience. I definitely wasn't disappointed and 'Wicked' still remains my favourite musical. The night can only be described in one word; WICKED!

I went to see the touring cast so, if they are coming to a City near you, please make the effort to go and see them! I promise you wont regret it!

Lots of Love,
Meg x
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