2 October 2014

Room Tour/Furniture Haul!

Hello Everyone!
So recently, some of you may, or may not, know that I have been re-decorating my room. As Summer is my favourite time of the year and I love the whole, indie/Californian/surfer/beach theme that's the inspiration that came for my room. It's not completely finished yet and there are a few little personal touches in there but I just thought it might be fun to do a blog post on the things that I bought and what my room actually looks like! Enjoy!

This is the wallpaper on the main wall in my bedroom. It was from B&Q and it fits amazingly with the cream walls!

These cute little photo frame contains a photo I took in Newquay, a photo of me and my friend at prom and then my lovely
little family! It was also from B&Q!

I got this lovely little jar from B&Q for my 17th Birthday and I chose to fill it with Shells I collected from all over the world!

My lovely little shelf which fits just above TV! 

Meet Louis, the cute little teddy bear I got from Looe this year 

The two little ornaments of VW's in my room which I absolutely love

This was given to me by my friend for my 17th Birthday! I love positive quotes around my room!

I had this personally made at a little farm market last year! It hangs on one of my cupboard doors!

Another beachy quote in my room! This was from B&Q!

Another set of lovely photos. I got the frame from a little shop called SAMA SAMA

One of the cutest little pillows I have on my bed! From B&Q!

This was also from B&Q! So adorable! 

I got this from a little vintage shop when down in Cornwall!

This was matched with the pillow above, I mean, I couldn't just get one now could I?

This is how my bed looks! My gorgeous bedding which reminds me of the sea is from B&Q! I really love the colour of blue.
Also you might have noticed my lovely teddies, Peter Pan, Henry, Ellie and Thumper! Disney had to be in there somewhere!

My gorgeous dream catcher once again from a little vintage shop in Cornwall

Here is my dressing table! How cute are my Mickey and Minnie Mouse Teddies!?

My TV, Cabinate, Docking Station, Photo frames and all that jazz!

Another beautiful canvas I picked up from B&Q!

Here's a photo (bad quality, oops) of my room with fairy lights on. They were £6 from Primark. It does look much better when it's darker!

I picked this little gem up from a carboot sale for £3

So, there's a few things I have in my room. It's still not finished yet, but I'm happy with the way it's coming along! Tell me what you think in the comments!

Lots of Love,
Meg x

*DISCLAIMER: All products were either bought by me or given as gifts*
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