24 October 2014

Topshop Halloween Collection: Halloween Costume Inspiration

It's that time of the year again, not so special for teenagers as we're seen as 'too mature' to go Trick or Treating and instead we decorate our houses in cobwebs and pumpkins giving away free food to strangers. If you hadn't guessed already; it's Halloween! It's probably a bigger tradition when you get older to be invited to a Halloween Party where everyone dresses up as something 'scary'. If you're like me and you leave your costume to the very last minute, I hope this blog post will give you some imaginative ideas as to what you could possibly wear to your Halloween Parties this year, or if you're taking any younger relatives 'Trick or Treating' and you want to join in the fun too! I've been invited to a Halloween party this year and I think I'm going to go as a cat as I've never been as a cat before. If you want any information on the outfits below such as links to the particular items (most are from Topshop) then click on the link in the caption of the photo of the outfit. Finally, I would just like to add that I know Topshop can be extremely expensive but I'm sure cheaper Alternatives can be found!
Dress (Topshop £56), Bunny Ears (Topshop £10), Shoes (Topshop £58), Bag (Monsoon £27), Necklace (Accessorize (£10), Lipstick (Topshop Lips in Trigger £8)
The Dead Sports Player
Top (Topshop £30), Pants (Topshop £42), Converse (£50), Bag (Accessorize £21), Lipstick (Topshop Lips In Death £8), Eyes (Topshop Eye Gleam in Noir £6), Nail Varnish (Topshop £6)

Dress (Topshop £78), Heels (Topshop £69), Bag (Accessorize £37), Mask (Topshop £10), Earrings (Accessorize £4), Bracelet (Accessorize £14), Lipstick (Topshop Lip Polish in Twin)
Classic Cat
Dress (Topshop (£46), Shoes (Topshop £69), Bag (Topshop £15), Ears (Topshop £10), Necklace (Topshop £22), Lipstick (Topshop in Trigger £8), Nail Varnish (Topshop £6) Niomi Smart Cat Make Up Tutorial

Jumpsuit (Topshop £72), Heels (Topshop £58), Horns (Claires £5), Bag (Accessorize £18), 
 Necklace (Accessorize £18), Eyes  (Topshop Eye Gleam in Noir £6), Nails (Topshop in Exhibit £6), Lipstick (Topshop in Trigger £8)

Top (Topshop £45), Skirt (Topshop £72), Heels (Topshop £69), Bag (New Look £16), Necklace (Topshop £22), Bracelet (Topshop £10), Lipstick (Topshop Lips in Depth £8)

Spooky Spider
Top (Topshop £22), Pants (Topshop £42), Heels (Topshop £56), Necklace (Topshop £30), Bag (Accessorize (£27), Earrings (Claires £5), Lips (Topshop Lip Polish in Twin £7), Eyes (Topshop £7), Nails (Topshop £6)
I hope this has given you some inspiration as to what you can wear on Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween, whatever you decide to do.


Lots of Love,
Meg x

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