22 February 2015

Favourite High Street Store: Miss Selfridge | LFW Inspiration

It's that time of the year again, all eyes are on London for London Fashion Week and as it's been immensely covered on social media, it's been hard not to take notice of the many different fashions we've seen walking down the runway this week. As I've been on my college break this week, I've been doing my own little bit of retail therapy and I have to say, I was quite disappointed with some of the things I've seen on the high street this week. Nevertheless, one shop didn't fail to impress me and that was Miss Selfridge. At the moment, it has some gorgeous pieces in and it inspired me to do this blog post. In the next few images, I'm going to display some of the pieces I've seen that I loved with some inspiration taken from the models and designers we've seen walking down the catwalk this week. Personally, my style icon is Audrey Hepburn, and she took simple pieces of clothing and used accessories to jazz them up, so you might see a little bit of inspiration taken from her style too!

Jacket (£45), Top (£16), Jeans (£38), Boots (£20), Bag (£35), Hat (£25), Watch (£22), Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in Colour 107, 

Jumpsuit (£49),  Shoes (£15), Bag (£22), Hat (£28), Earrings (£6.50)

Jacket (£35), Top (£14), Jeans (£38), Boots (£35), Bag (£29)
(I actually purchased this jacket and it looks gorgeous, if you'd like me to do a style guide then let me know in the comments)

Shirt (£30), Jeans (£38), Shoes (£45), Bag (£29), Hat (£28)

Playsuit (£45), Boots (£32), Bag (£29), Bracelet (£13), Necklace (£8.50), Choker (£8.50)

Trouser (£30), Top (£20), Shoes (£45), Bag (£35), Hat (£28) 

All items shown above can be purchased online or in store at Miss Selfridge!
My February Favourites will be posted on Wednesday!
Lots of Love
Meg x
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