15 April 2015

Day at the Zoo & being attacked by a Chimpanzee

As I've been on a break from college this week, my friends and I took a trip to Chester Zoo to go and see some of the animals. Now before you ask, yes we are all nearly 18, but c'mon, who doesn't love going to the Zoo?!

After a 2 hour drive, and singing a lot of Disney songs, we finally arrived at the Zoo, ready to get our day started. Overall, it was an absolutely fabulous day, even though I did get attacked by a Chimpanzee. I don't really know why it didn't like me, but one minute it was just swinging on a rope and the next minute, it charged at the glass (which I'm pretty sure could have broken). I didn't know if to laugh or cry, so I chose to scream, hide behind Rachel and then burst into fits of laughter. That was my personal highlight of the day. All the way round, I think I said 'Ooooh I want one' about 600 times, because the animals were so cute; especially the penguins, I could've watched them all day! Another personal highlight was taking a trip on the monorail. If you don't know what this is, it's like a little train in the sky that gives you a birds-eye view of the Zoo. We were like six kids on this monorail, and we found it quite amusing at the fact we could go backwards down a hill. 

I have to tell you about THE cutest moment that happened with some of the lions whilst we were watching them. The male Lion, and I'm guessing head of the pack, went over to the female lion, who was sleeping. He sort of nuzzled her to wake her up, gave her a kiss and then left her to go back to sleep. It was the sweetest thing I saw all day. Relationship goals or what ey? 

Anyways, I'm going to attach some of the photos I took of the day!

Mr Meerkat

He was so chilled it was funny

We found a squirrel on a bin

Monorail Time!

Bad photo quality, but meet Mr Attacking Chimp!
See you soon!
Lots of Love,
Meg x

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