5 May 2015

The Vamps World Tour 2015

Oooooh, a dark photo to start the post for once!
Last week, The Vamps World Tour landed in Liverpool. If you read my blog, you'll know that I went to their last tour in 2014 and it was absolutely amazing, so how they could top that I had no idea. 

When I first got the tickets, we were told we were on Block C, Row P, which I knew was going to be close, little did anyone tell us that the rows started at the letter M so we were waaay closer than we expected. And then, the concert started.

First up was Luke Friend singing his debut single 'Hole in my Heart' which I absolutely loved after hearing, we were definitely singing it for the whole night afterwards. Then came the Tide, and I think these guys were so good. Normally support acts for people are not very good, and you just kind of cope with them whilst you wait for the person you've actually paid to see but these guys reminded me of The Vamps when I saw them supporting on the McFly Tour. I hadn't even heard of them at this point, so I'm guessing The Tide gained a lot of support that night. Next came Union J, and as you know I have been a fan since they formed on X Factor. I've been very lucky to meet them a few times, and they're just so talented. I think people really under appreciate how phenomenal their vocals are. One of my favourite parts of their set was when they sang a song called 'Central Park' from their second album and in that song, there's a lyric 'I see you standing in a sea of sparks'. The whole arena was literally just a sea of lights. That's where the photo that starts this post came from, it was really magical, it was like a blanket of stars or something. 

We then had a ten minute wait for The Vamps to come on stage, but Fran and I wasted our time perfectly, dueting James Bay and singing along to Will Smith. The lights dimmed and bounding onto the stage came Brad, Connor, James and Tristan. I can only describe them as four excited kids who were high on coffee or something. The energy they put into each performance is incredible, they didn't stop moving all night. They covered the classic songs from their first album, as well as doing a cover of the smash hit, and my favourite song at the moment, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (which me and Fran also danced too). I think one of the highlights of the night was Tristan's drum solo; it was just AMAZING!

Personally, one of my main highlights was listening to Brad sing one of my favourite songs from the album 'Another World'. He literally just sat at his piano and played the song, and it was the first time the arena went silent, you could hear a pin drop, and his vocals were literally phenomenal. I was speechless. The pace then reached a high again as they ended their set with Cecilia and Can We Dance. The staging was incredible, fireworks were exploding, Connor had sparks coming from his guitar, there was fire, and confetti came down at the end which was really fun (I kept finding it in my shoes). The video clips and different images as well as effects on the screens behind the boys were so cool! So much effort must have gone into making them and they really did look awesome! 

Overall, I genuinely didn't think they could ever beat their first tour, but they never fail to surprise me.When you see them live, you truly realise how talented those boys are. If they're coming to a city near you then you HAVE to make sure that you go and see them, you'll have an absolute ball, honestly! 

Here are some of the photos of the night, apologies for the bad photo quality but my camera died. The great life of a blogger!

Brad having a good old boogie

Brad & Connor 

Connor was stood in front of us for most of the night so we got some pretty cool photos of him!


The Tide 

Union J! 

Francesca and I (This was the only normal photo of the night)

Lots of Love,
Meg x

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