21 June 2015

It's not okay...

Turning 18 last week means that I am now legally allowed to go out into my local town and go into clubs. Last night, I went on my first legal night out around town and something caught my eye, which inspired me to write this blog post. It's not going to be a rant as such, it's just something that happened to me and a lot of my friends whilst we were out and I wanted to share it with you, maybe get your opinions on it or if you've ever experienced anything like it. Anyway, lets continue...

Last night, when my friends and I were walking around, I couldn't help but notice the amount of intimidating males harassing females, squeezing their bums, or just being extremely annoying when they were trying to enjoy their night out. This happened to me; I was touched somewhere that was inappropriate, various times throughout the night, by males stood behind me waiting to go into a nightclub. I mean, what even gives them the right to do that? I feel like females are so vulnerable and the fact that certain males feel like they can take advantage of us in that way is seriously wrong. We are not anyone's property and we are not toys. It is not okay for anyone to just go and feel someone's bum in a line of people, it's weird and it makes us feel really uncomfortable, and also at times, quite disgusting. Some lads have even said that it 'flatters' the girl, well let me tell you now that it really, really doesn't. Nothing gives anyone the right to do that, and something needs to be done about it. Females cannot be taken advantage of in that way, regardless of if drunk or not. Gain some respect for females, because I'm pretty sure that if that was your daughter in a few years time and a male did that to her, you'd be absolutely fuming.

Another thing that annoyed me quite a lot was that females were getting criticized for dressing nicely. I was walking into McDonalds, as you do after a night out, and someone outside told me to 'put some clothes on'. As it had been warm in the day, I opted to wear some black shorts and a black and white top. The fact that someone can say that is really pathetic. It's the one chance we get to dress nicely and go for a night out, we are not provoking anyone, we are not 'asking for it', we are meerly trying to feel good about ourselves and the way we dress. I, for one, am not just getting done up for a guy, I do it for myself.

I'm so sorry if this turned into a little bit of a rant, but I wanted to get it off my chest and just put it out there that it really isn't okay.

Lots of love
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