14 April 2016

The Vamps Wake Up Tour 2016

The Vamps landed in Liverpool for another show at the Echo Arena, and as always, I was in attendance. I just love their music and how happy I am when I leave the show so it just makes me want to go back. 

(Look how excited my little face looks)
It was such a nice night to walk down at the Albert Dock, so I didn't really mind the half an hour walk from my flat to the arena. As I was walking down, I could just tell which people were going to see The Vamps; all in their ripped skinny jeans and bandanas. They looked really cute though, like I probably would've been one of those kids once. I also saw a Dad taking his little girl to the concert and that seriously melted my heart; like I don't think my Dad would've ever taken me to a concert.

Anyway, I got into the Arena, headed to the merchandise stand to have a little nosey and then had the struggle of finding my seat. This is the worst bit of concerts for me, like I actually hate it. I never know where the heck I'm going and always make an absolute fool out of myself. After 15 minutes of wandering around the area, aimlessly looking for my seat; I finally found it. I walked down, and down, and down, and that's when it hit me that the seats we had were actually amazing. We were right in front of the stage, and we could see everything. I honestly love what The Vamps did with the stage this tour; I don't think anyone in the arena had a bad view.

My Friend Amy was already in the arena waiting for me, and I don't think I'd been in there for 10 minutes when the lights went down and Hometown bounded onto the stage. I've never heard Hometown live so I was very interested to see them; and they were actually really really good! Their accent is adorable! The thing I really liked about the support acts was that they came on one after the other. Next up was Conor Maynard, and he was absolutely amazing. Like I don't think they could've picked someone better to support them; I had a good little dance and sing-a-long. All his old songs such as 'Turn Around' and 'Can't Say No' took me back to being in High School. Then, The Tide. I saw these boys last time, and to see how much they've progressed since incredible. They were amazing. Their set was so chill, and their new single is so catchy; I love it.

And then the moment everyone had been waiting for. The lights dimmed, the VT began to play and The Vamps came bounding onto the stage. Every time I see them, they seem to have even more energy than the previous time. They started their set with 'Rest Your Love' from their new album. It was the perfect start to the show, I don't think I actually stopped dancing. 

When I go and see The Vamps, they always bring something new to the tour; whether that be new effects for the stage or a new stage itself. They just never fail to surprise me. I always think that they can never get any better but then they just pull something else out the bag and each show just gets better and better.

The boys performed some songs from their new album including the new single 'I Found a Girl' and my personal favourite 'Windmills' as well as songs from their first album such as 'Can We Dance' and 'Last Night'. I literally sang and danced all night. Because deadlines are coming up, and Uni is so stressful, it was just nice to be able to go and listen to good music and have a little boogie. I also really loved the mash-up they performed at the start of the set; it included songs like 'Sorry', 'Perfect', 'Can't Feel my Face' and 'Stitches'. It's so clever the way they did it!

I always have little highlights of the tour. I mean, I love the whole thing but there's always little moments that stick in my mind. My personal favourite was Brad's version of 'Stolen Moments'. Just him, his piano and the arena as a sea of lights. I took such a lovely photo of that moment. His vocals were on point; I could listen to him sing all day. I also really loved his piano rendition of 'Wild Heart'. It was slowed down and just really beautiful to listen too. Then, as I always mention, Tristan's drum solo. It's always one of my favourite parts of tour, and this time it was even better than previous tours; if that's even possible. Like I say, they literally never fail to impress me. Another one of my favourite parts was James & Con singing 'Written Off' and 'Risk It All'. It was so nice to see them be able to sing on their own and show off their vocals.

During the song 'Volcano' Tris was able to get out from behind the drums and rap Silentó's verse. It was so cool to see him interacting with the fans and stuff, and it seemed like he really loved it as well. It definitely worked, especially having the four boys stood on stage together. Plus, let me state for the record, Tris is actually really good at rapping!

The thing I hate about The Vamps shows is that they always end so fast. I'm having such a good time, it feels like 10 minutes has passed but it's really been an hour and a half and it's time for the show to end. The boys ended on 'Wake Up' and the arena filled with confetti. They took their final bow for the crowd and bounded off stage to the cheers and screams from the fans.

 There's only a few more dates left on the tour, so if you get the chance to go and see them then DO IT!

Have you ever seen The Vamps on tour?

Lots of Love

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