30 December 2016

Disney Halloween Day 5: Donald, Phantom and Saying Goodbye

Disney Day 5
It makes me very sad to say that this is the last post in my Disney Halloween series and it's going to be a short one because I've only got half a day's worth of magic to share with you. 
As it was our final day in the park, we said goodbye to our room and checked out of our hotel very early in the morning. We were absolutely shattered from our late night, but that didn't stop us from heading into the park to make the most of the magic we had left. We dropped our luggage off at the concierge and then made our way into the park to meet Anna, Vivi and Jade who were meeting Chip and Dale. 

Our only meet of the day, and our last meet of the trip, was with the lovely Donald. We queued with the Birthday Girl Anna, Vivi, Jade and Nicola and after half an hour, it was finally time for us to meet our favourite Duck. Donald has always been a character that I've wanted to meet, but it always seems that every time I'm in Paris, he's never out. As this was my first time meeting Donald, I was just as excited as Jade, who is his biggest admirer and to see those two meeting one another was adorable. He was one of the loveliest meets we had, and definitely the perfect character to end our trip, he was full of loves and cuddles and our photos are SO cute. I wish I was still having cuddles with him. 

We then bumped into Cara who was queuing to meet Goofy and I had an argument with a Welsh man who thought I was pushing in when I was just walking past. Anyway, we stood and chatted for a while and then took a very cute group photo. Saying goodbye to Cara, as it was the last time we would see her before we went home, Chloe and I walked over to the Frontierland barrier ready to run to Phantom Manor at rope drop. 

Chloe and I had one last ride on Phantom, and although it wasn't as spooky as normal, it was still fun. I don't think either of us wanted this whirlwind experience to end. I never expected to love this trip as much as I did, and I definitely didn't expect to make as many new friends as I did. The more we saw  on our last day, the more it hit us that we were going to be heading back to reality. The one person we really wanted to see before we went home was Laura; after spending every day with each other it was hard to imagine how we were going to cope with being apart. We all formed this really close bond and Laura is like an older sister to me, I absolutely love her. 

To pass time before Laura came into the park, Chloe and I went to walk around Frontierland to take in the atmosphere. I think that it was missing something without the screams of people riding Big Thunder Mountain and being able to watch the boat sail around the lake, but it still looked lovely. It was the spookiest of all the lands in the park; they'd really gone to town with the creepy atmosphere. 

One thing we hadn't done on this trip was go and look around the Castle. This is definitely one of the more underrated attractions in Disneyland Paris but it's the only Castle in a Disney park that you can actually go inside. It was a very cloudy day, but the park still looked so beautiful. We watched all the crowds rush around and even spotted Cara queuing up to meet Maleficent. It's so amazing to see how happy people are when they're in Disneyland, people lose their worries for a few hours and are enveloped in the magic. It's another world, but it's a world we never wanted to leave. We stood looking over Fantasyland for a very long time until we ventured into the Castle Dungeons to see the Dragon. That creature gets scarier every time I see it.

We left the Castle and went over to meet Anna, Vivi and Jade who had sat down to watch the Cavalcade. That was one thing we really wanted to watch before we left, and we made the most of it being our last one. I think us dancing, singing and hugging every single character that passed us made the Cavalcade the best we watched. When it ended, Laura joined us and then we had to say goodbye to Anna, Vivi and Jade as they were having lunch at Auberge later on in the afternoon. This was the most emotional goodbye we experienced, and if you know me well, you'll know I hate goodbyes. We all burst into tears and spent a good fifteen minutes avoiding leaving by hugging each other and promising that we'd see each other again soon, which I'm very sure we will. Then we had one last group hug and Laura, Chloe and I headed down Main Street to go and do some shopping.

The shops on Main Street are some of my favourites because they always stock the quirkiest things. I really wanted to get myself a Marie plush but I wasn't too keen on them, her eyes were a very strange colour of blue. Instead, I got myself a Marie and Mickey pen, Dr Facilier tsum tsum, a Baloo the Bear hat for my Dad, some tea towels for my Mum and a fridge magnet for my Grandma and Grandad. The Cast Members who work in the shops are so friendly, I had a conversation with the kindest French man who reassured me that I would return soon when I told him that I was sad to be leaving. It really is the Cast Members who make the Disney experience so magical, without them the Park would not be what it is.

Then it came to another hard goodbye with Laura. We stood in front of the band stand on Main Street, attempted to plan a meet up and became extremely sentimental by telling each other how amazing it had been to experience the Halloween Soiree together. We had a big group hug, and with tears in our eyes, Chloe and I walked through the exit gates for the final time, picked up our luggage and headed towards World of Disney.

I always say that letting me roam free in World of Disney is a massive mistake because I end up spending more than I need too, and this trip was no exception. Chloe and I spent a hour walking round, picking up items and putting them into our baskets and then putting some back because we thought we had too much. World of Disney is the biggest shop in the Disney Village and it has everything you could ever want, although you can find some of the things in the parks themselves so it really depends on where you want to shop. Whilst shopping I picked up another Marie mug and a Peter Pan snow globe to remind me of our trip; I do love a snow globe. And then, it was time to go home.

This is the part of our trip I was most apprehensive for; the travelling home part. I didn't like the thought of getting two trains at first, but after calming myself down, it really wasn't as bad as I thought. Despite our train getting delayed which almost caused us to miss our Eurostar, we had a fairly easy journey home. It's crazy how the bulk of reality just hits you when you leave the park, I feel sad just thinking about it. I want to stay there forever. When we arrived back in London, Chloe and I sat in Starbucks in Euston Station and reflected on what a magical trip we had experienced. Then we said our last goodbye of the day, to each other. This was the hardest for me because after spending everyday together, and making a friend for life, it was so hard to just say goodbye. I gave her the tightest squeeze, she hopped on her tube and I hopped on my train back to Liverpool. Until next time.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my trip as much as I have enjoyed writing about it. I had the most magical time, it's something that I struggle to put into words because some of it is still a blur to me. I don't think I felt down once, and being there reminded me what true happiness feels like and it made me realise that I haven't felt true happiness in over a year. I'd just like to say a quick thank you to everyone who I met, who I watched parade with and who generally made the trip my favourite. I don't think anything will ever compare. But for now, see ya real soon!

Lots of Love,

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