21 December 2016

Disney Halloween Day 3: Snow Squad, Spookiness and Soiree!

Disney Day 3
Today it was Halloween which meant that it was the day of the event that the whole trip had been building up too; soiree night! We didn't spend a lot of time in the park as we wanted to have enough time to get ready. Today's aims were to meet Mickey and Minnie and Snow White and then leave the park early to go and get ready for lots of spooky fun! 
Every time we went in for Extra Magic Hours, the queue for Mickey and Minnie was over an hour long, and with them changing sets every half an hour, it takes even longer to get through. So, today we made it our mission to wake up really early, get ready and get into the park early enough to be at the front of the queue for the main mouse and his leading lady; and we did just that. 

If you read my 'Disney Bucket List' post which I wrote just before we went on our trip, you'll know that meeting Mickey and Minnie together has been one of my dreams since I was young. And today was the day it finally came true. We were one of the first in the queue and had a 10 minute wait before we met the mice who started it all; and they were adorable. Mickey was full of hugs, but I don't think Minnie was too impressed, however I soon won her over with my spooky Halloween ears which she absolutely loved. Our photos with them are the cutest, and as you can tell by my face I really couldn't have been happier. We said goodbye to Mickey and Minnie and then headed over to the Princess Pavillion as the rumours were that it was our favourite Snow White. 

When we got to the Pavillion, there were around twenty young girls dressed up as Snow White so we knew from that that she was the Princess waiting to meet guests. Laura came over to meet us, as she is one of the biggest Snow White lovers, so being able to meet her together was magical. I really don't understand why no one appreciates Snow White as a Princess, I mean she's the original Disney Princess and she's super sweet, so what's not to love!? The queue was long, but we were entertained by Magic Alan who amazed me with three magic tricks. He made a ball appear in my hand and then disappear again and it really freaked me out. 

Soon enough, it was time for Chloe, Laura and I to go in and meet our favourite Princess. I've had so much admiration for Snow White since I was very young, it's the first film I can remember seeing and it's the film that holds so many memories of my childhood; dressing up as Snow, reading the book and acting out scenes from the film with my Grandparents. I met Snow White for the first time when I was 9, but from what I remember I just stared at her in awe and didn't say anything so this time, I actually wanted to speak to her and remember to give her a hug. 

We walked into the room and she was just so beautiful. I ran straight up to her and gave her the biggest hug and she commented on my sparkly jumper and my ears, she also said that the glitter on my face reminded her of the diamonds that the Dwarves have in the mine. We then spoke about the Dwarves; I asked how Dopey was, because he's my favourite, and she told me she'd baked them a pie for when they arrived home. Apparently, she's going to bring them all over to London to come and see us, I'm still waiting to hear back about that. 

Chloe and Laura then went to meet Snow, and we had one of the best interactions of the whole trip. Today was a day of making all our character meeting dreams come true. We had a Princess photo taken individually and then did an impression of the Dwarves for our group photo. From that moment on, Laura, Chloe and I became known as the Snow Squad!

After meeting Snow, we adventured over to Adventureland to catch an early ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and then went to see if we could find Baloo the Bear; meeting Baloo was another dream of mine. He's my Dad's favourite and before I left, I promised him that if there was any chance I could meet him then I would and I'd say hello to him from Dad. We didn't really have anything better to do with our morning so we hopped in the queue to meet Baloo (that rhymed lol!). 
Then, King Louie turned up. It's safe to say I was gutted but Laura reassured me that Baloo would come soon. So, we waited, and waited, and waited but King Louie just didn't want to move. We kept our place at the front of the queue by telling everyone that they could go in front of us. 

Eventually King Louie left and Baloo came bounding over to the meet and greet area, hiding behind one of the posts and entertaining the guests with a lovely dance. We were at the front of the queue at this point and when he opened his arms, I ran straight into them giving him the biggest hug. I think it was potentially the biggest hug I gave any character. When I told him that he was my Dad's favourite, he was so happy, and I think I hugged him another three times before we had out photos taken. When we were about to leave, he pointed to his nose for me to give him a kiss which I happily obliged too. I love it when characters ask you to give them a kiss, I really think they make the cutest photos!

After meeting Baloo, we watched the second cavalcade of the day and then headed out of the park for some food. We wanted to spend as much of Soiree in the park as possible so we made sure we had a big meal very early. After having some very tasty food, we headed back to the hotel ready to transform ourselves into Megara and Mary Poppins.
This is the part where I have to write a small apology to the lovely people who read this blog, when we got to the park on Soiree night, my camera sadly died so the photos that I wanted to take were sadly not possible.

We headed back into the park at around 6pm and caught the last part of Disney Dreams. It took us all our time to get into the park because the organisation from the Cast Members was absolutely appalling. They had to get everyone without a wristband out of the park and everyone with a wristband into the park, and when everyone collided it was an absolute nightmare. Chloe and I had to walk all the way around the park, got caught in a crowd of people and pushed back to where we'd come from and then finally met up with Jade, Anna and Vivi to go and head over to meet some villains.

We went to meet the whole gang at the 'Meet Mickey Mouse' area of the park which had been decorated for the Soiree and changed to a Villains meet. It was at this point that we were able to admire everyone's costumes and I actually can't even fault one costume; everyone I saw looked absolutely flawless. If anything, I wish I'd made a little bit more of an effort. I liked to think of myself as a modern, indie, Mary Poppins.

Laura, Chloe and I had the pleasure of meeting the Queen of Hearts, and although she wasn't the best meet of the trip, it was still really lovely to meet her and she made us kiss her hand three times. Our photos from this meet and greet are some of my favourites from the trip, especially the photo when we are all trying to be scary. Can we also please appreciate how amazing Laura and Chloe look as Sally and Megara!

After meeting the Queen, everyone split off into their separate groups so Chloe, Laura and I headed over to the Jack Skellington meet. The queue was huge, so we did something a little selfish and waited for Jack to change sets so that Laura could meet him before he went backstage. Seeing Laura meet Jack when she was dressed as Sally makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. There's no better feeling than seeing your friends meet their favourite characters and seeing the pure happiness on their face.

We then headed over to go and see the Halloween Cavalcade, it was pretty much just the same as the one during the day but a little more spooky. It was also such a pleasure to meet Seany B, who I've wanted to meet for such a long time! I made a lot of friends whilst watching the cavalcade, including some incredibly scary rats and a two pumpkins. We were all absolutely starving after the parade so we all went to Casey's for another hotdog. I really didn't understand the hype around Casey's hotdogs but now I do, just writing about them is making me crave one.

If I'm going to be honest with you, Soiree really wasn't being sold to me. What with the horrendous level of organisation, the manic crowds of people and the three hour queues to meet charatcers; the whole thing was a shambles. But then things started to take a very positive turn. We walked over to Dr Facillier's dance party, which was probably the best thing about the night. The only way I can describe it is like one big, outdoor nightclub where the DJ was playing some absolute tunes including Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and even the Macarena. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was being able to spend my night dancing with two of my favourite people. Then, Dr Facillier joined the crowd and ended up dancing with us for a little while; it was so bizarre but so amazing!

By the time we'd left the party, it was around half past midnight, so we bid one another goodbye and Chloe and I headed back to our hotel for a well deserved sleep. My back and feet were absolutely killing me, so much so that I walked back to the hotel with no shoes on. When we got back into the hotel, which now had no internet, we went straight to our room. I immediately took my make up off and according to Chloe, when she got out of the shower, I was curled up in a ball fast asleep.

If you want to see what Soiree was really like, I recommend watching Laura's vlog of the night, she got all the best parts of it!

I can't wait to share our Day 4 adventures with you! 

Lots of Love,


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