27 May 2020

My Must-Have Skincare Products From The Body Shop

Trying new skincare products is one of my favourite things to do. Since finishing my course of Roaccutane and finally having the clear skin I always dreamed of, I've been able to experiment with new products and I must say that I've found some absolute game changers!

Skincare has always been something that I've been interested in. Having had acne from a young age, I've done my fair share of research and I've found that using natural skincare has endless benefits.

The Body Shop is one of my favourite brands when it comes to buying natural products. Not only do they have amazing morals and ethics, but every single product is made from natural ingredients meaning your skin and body are getting the best. I've been a fan of The Body Shop for years and although there's still a lot left for me to try, I thought I'd share some of my favourite products that are essentials in my skincare routine.

Facial Skincare

Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion SPF 30

This is one of my newest purchases and something I've really been enjoying using these past few months. I noticed my skin was looking very dull and tired so my friend recommended the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop. It's specifically made for dull, tired, grumpy skin to give it a little glow boost for a brighter, more radiant complexion. 

I can fully confirm that my skin is literally GLOWING after using the Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion, so much so that people are actually commenting on it! It smells like a tropical wonderland and a little bit goes a very long way. It's not as lightweight as I'm used to but it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and, with an SPF of 30 it's protecting my skin from those harsh UVA/B rays - SPF is super important when buying a moisturiser! 

I've also heard that Vitamin C can help with scarring and as I have a fair bit of acne scaring on my cheeks, it's something I wanted to test. Although I've not noticed a drastic change yet, my scars have reduced in colour and definitely aren't as noticeable. 

Vitamin E Eye Cream 

Using an eye cream has never been an essential in my skincare routine because I've never really needed it. However recently, the dark circles under my eyes have been very prominent and no amount of concealer was working. I went in search of something to help and came across the Vitamin E Eye Cream. I'd heard really good things so couldn't wait to give it a try. 

It aims to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles as well as protecting the fragile skin around the eyes. I apply it both morning and evening and my under eyes have never looked brighter. As with most Body Shop products, a little goes a long way and it's no wonder it's one of their best-selling products because it's certainly a firm favourite of mine! Why didn't I find it sooner!? 

Body Moisturisers

Strawberry Body Butter

You'll have seen me talk about this Strawberry Body Butter in my Roaccutane Holy Grain Products as it's been a firm favourite of mine for years. It melts into the skin and I absolutely love using this after I've had a bath/shower in the evenings as it leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. All the Body Shop Body Butters are brilliant, but the Strawberry scent is absolutely delicious - it smells like calpol and I'd eat it if I could! 

Strawberry Body Yogurt 

The Strawberry Body Yogurt is one of those purchases I make time and time again. It's perfect for when you're in a rush and haven't got as much time to moisturise, especially for me when I've overslept which is most mornings (a queen is never late, everyone else is simply early - 10 points if you know where that quote is from). 

The lightweight, gel formula absorbs into the skin instantly so it doesn't leave you with that horrible sticky feeling. I can literally apply this to my body and then get dressed straight away. It's also made to apply to damp skin too and it smells amazing! 

Face Masks

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask 

The Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask is potentially my favourite Body Shop purchase I have ever made. I first heard about it watching Jade Billington's Skincare Video, she spoke so highly of it so I had to give it a try. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say that since I've been using this mask, my skin has never felt so cleansed and glowy. It aims to draw out impurities and refine the appearance of pores to give a healthy looking glow. As you watch it dry, you'll notice that the dark patches cling to where you have excess oil and you'll probably find it tingles a little bit when you first apply it but that soon fades. 

I can't even describe how refreshed my skin feels when I wash it off; it's so soft and has such a natural glow. It's the perfect face mask to use when you feel like your skin needs a real deep cleanse, especially after a full day of wearing heavy make up. I could literally rave about it all day, it's bloody brilliant! 

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask 

Although Roaccutane was amazing in clearing up my acne, I do still get the odd breakout. I've always used tea tree as part of my skincare routine, so I invested in the Tea Tree Face Mask and it's done an amazing job of minimising my breakouts. I noticed a few more breakouts after the first few times using the mask, but I think it has to bring out the impurities to get rid of them. 

I've been using this for around two months now and I can confidently say that my impurities are few and far between, my skin is incredibly clear and it's one of my favourite products. It's not as harsh as the Himalayan Charcoal Mask but the combination of the two is a dream! I use both once a week. 

So there we have it, my Body Shop favourites! 

I should mention that all products have been purchased by me and this post isn't sponsored in any way, I just really love The Body Shop! Also, all products mentioned have been perfect for my sensitive, acne prone skin! 

The Body Shop have literally changed my skincare routine for the better and I can't wait to try out more products in the future. Let me know some of your favourites in the comments! 

Lots of Love,
Meg x


3 May 2020

Post Graduate Life: A Year On

Well there I am; a proud little Graduate from the Class of 2018 ready to embark on her future as a writer and discover just where she fits into the confusing puzzle that is life. 

It's almost been two years since I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) degree in Creative Writing and if I'm honest, I still don't have a clue what I'm doing with my life. In fact, I don't think anybody does and that's okay. 

In one of our final lectures, a guest speaker stood in a room full of hopeful, talented, soon-to-be graduates and told us that getting a job as a writer would be 'near enough impossible'. It's safe to say my lecturers were horrified but as students we just looked at each other and laughed. We were getting degrees, how hard could it be? 

But they were right, it's really damn hard. 

Once you have your degree, people will presume that getting a job is easy but that's not always the case. Employers want experience which as a graduate you probably do have, its just not in a professional environment. This is why finding employment is so difficult, especially in the arts. 

I thought that getting a job as a writer would be easier, or that I'd at least be taken seriously because I'd got such a high qualification. I thought I'd be inundated with internships and apprenticeships where I could work with writers and further my skills. I thought we'd have continued support from the University, have guidance on how to write a successful job application and where to look for opportunities. 

What actually happened is a completely different story. 

It basically felt like we'd been thrown in at the deep end and we couldn't swim. 

After receiving what felt like a thousand rejection emails, commenting on my lack of 'experience', I decided to take a year out. I was lucky enough to have a small part time job throughout my studies so I took on more hours at work and tried to enjoy life; go out with my friends, travel to new places and experience the things I never had the time (or money) to do when I was a student. 

I know some of you probably think that's a waste but after putting blood, sweat and tears into getting my degree, it felt like I needed some time out. Education is all I've ever known since the age of five, it was one thing after another and I never took a break. I felt so uninspired and I realised that I needed to experience life to have things to write about. 

In summary, Post-Grad life sounds a little bit like this: 

'What are you going to do now?' 
'What job have you got lined up?'
'Oh, well what will you do with that degree?'
'Are you going to teach?'
'You're working where? That's nothing to do with your degree is it?'
'Are you not going doing a Masters?' 

It literally makes me want to SCREAM. 

Getting a degree quickly goes from being a celebrated and recognised achievement to a constant pressure to actually use your new qualification. But what if your degree actually puts you off your once 'dream' career? It sure did with me. No one ever talks about that and it's important to remind yourself that it's totally okay. 

According to research, the average millennial will have at least ten jobs before the age of forty. It's natural that we're going to get bored and want a change in career so what does it matter if you're not using your degree? You still worked hard for it, it's your name on that piece of paper and nobody can take that away from you. 

The truth is, nothing can prepare you for Post-Graduate Life.

The structured routine you're used to goes out the window and life literally flips upside down. The majority of your friends move away, each of them with different opportunities lined up - some will go on to do a Masters, others will go travelling, others will walk straight into work, others will even start families, whilst some just don't have a clue. It's a web of comparisons and expectations and it's lonely and self-deprecating. 

It's normal to sit and think wtf am I actually doing with my life because the truth is, none of us actually know. We're all just winging it until the right opportunity comes along. We all progress at our own rates and although it's hard not to compare yourself, it's important to remember that we all have our own shit going on. 

For a while, I felt a certain pressure to make my family and friends as proud as they were at graduation. I felt like I wasn't doing anything productive and needed to better myself. This lead to even more self-doubt and just generally feeling like I wasn't good enough. Then I realised that actually, they're proud of me no matter what and they just want me to be happy. 

And I am happy.

True, I might not have a job in my degree field or be signed up to a writing agency and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm still working in the job I had when I was a student but y'know what? I love it. I'm applying for jobs and  I know the right one will come along eventually but until then, my happiness is the most important thing. 

I know for those of you who are graduating this year it's going to be a seriously weird time but I just wanted to write this to remind you that it's okay if you don't have a plan. I suppose that's the beauty of it, it unfolds right in front of your eyes and you end up in places and with opportunities you could only ever dream about. 

My advice? Try not to stress about it, don't compare yourself to others and say yes to every opportunity that presents itself. As long as you work hard, be kind and put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Also, put your own happiness first and f*** what anyone else thinks!

Lots of Love,
Meg x


23 April 2020

The Damage Preventing Hair Products You Need To Try - AD

Having damaged, brittle hair is the bane of my life; no matter how many products I've used, how many trims I get or how little I try to heat style, my hair just looks drab. It's a real struggle. For me, my hair is one of the first things people notice and just knowing that it looks dull and lifeless really knocks my confidence. Oh, the things I'd do to have gorgeously thick, shiny, healthy hair that I can swish about like they do on the telly! 

Well, what if I told you that I may have found the answer to all my hair wishes? And it comes from the experts in healthy, breakthrough hair care at JOICO.

Introducing the Defy Damage Home Care System; a new range of bond-protecting and colour-protecting treatments that will provide salon results in the comfort of your own home and quite literally change your hair care routine forever.

What does it do?

The main aim of the products is to protect all hair types from the damaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution (two factors I usually overlook!). This damage defying breakthrough helps to protect and strengthen hair bonds for a healthy hair transformation that is seriously hard to ignore! 

And now for the scientific bit 

So, what's the secret? Well, there's a few key ingredients that make this breakthrough in damage protection so wonderful; Arginine, Moringa Seed Oil, and a Protective Lipid. As well as this, there's the new Smart Release Technology - a one of a kind liposome delivery system that provides a trio of healthy hair ingredients that continuously release Rose Hip Oil, Arginine and Keratin. It's these that will help to repair, strengthen and protect the hair from the effects of daily styling. 

In summary, it aims to give 80% less breakage, make your hair 5X stronger, maintain over 90% of colour, strengthen and rebuild bonds and leave hair feeling soft and shiny. What more could you want? 

When a special delivery of this new breakthrough hair care appeared on my doorstep from the lovely teams at JOICO and AJC93 PR, I literally couldn't wait to try it! If you know me well, you'll know that trying new hair products is one of my biggest thrills in life so I was very excited! 

If you want to know my thoughts on the products, keep on reading! 

DISCLAIMER AD - Products gifted by JOICO and AJC93 PR. All opinions are my own. 

Defy Damage Protective Shampoo

Firstly, I have to say how amazing this smells. My bathroom smelt like a hair salon after using it and I couldn't believe how long the scent lasted. When buying a shampoo, I do mainly buy for the scent but I also like something that is gentle on my hair and won't make it feel dry. 

The Defy Damage Protective Shampoo is gentle enough to use daily as it swiftly removes dirt and build up without roughing up the hair cuticle or stripping even the most vibrant of colours. This means it's perfect for brittle, damaged hair like mine! Not only did it leave my hair looking silky smooth, it felt cleansed and replenished. It's the healthiest my hair has felt in a very long time! 

Defy Damage Protective Conditioner 

I'm always very apprehensive about trying out new conditioners as I find that a lot of them weigh my hair down, making it look flat, lifeless and hard to style - not exactly the look I'm going for! 

The aim of this Defy Damage Protective Conditioner is to replenish moisture and build resilience without weighing the hair down. I thought this was too good to be true but let me tell you now,  I have been pleasantly surprised. 

After massaging the shampoo into my scalp and rinsing, I applied the conditioner to my mid-lengths/ends and left it for five minutes to work its magic. Again, not only does it smell amazing but left my hair feeling super soft, shiny and easy to detangle. 

I literally couldn't stop running my fingers through my hair and best bit is, no hair was snapping or breaking when I was doing it! I haven't had a conditioner that's made my hair feel like this in years. It's an absolute game changer!

Defy Damage Protective Masque 

I absolutely LOVE hair masques. I have an ever growing collection in my bathroom and I genuinely look forward to my weekly hair indulgence - it just gives my hair that extra bit of TLC and I notice a massive difference if I forget to use one. 

My usual favourites are Argan Oil, Garnier Ultimate Blends and Tresemm√© but this Defy Damage Protective Masque is definitely a strong contender. The aim of this conditioner is to help to rebuild broken hair bonds, deeply replenish hair without weighing it down and proactively build hair's resistance to damage, resulting in less breakage and more protection from heat styling. 

When it claimed that I'd see results after the very first use I was skeptical, but they were telling the truth. My hair was even shinier than when I used the normal conditioner and even my Mum complimented the shine when we were sat in the garden. A little bit goes a long way and it's becoming a firm favourite in my hair care routine! 

Defy Damage Protective Shield 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how lovely the packaging is? It's so professional and looks so cute on display in my bathroom. 

This Defy Damage Protective Shield acts as a guard against thermal styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution helping to prevent damage for healthy looking hair like you see on the telly. I don't colour my hair, but if you do then this also protects against colour fade so it's perfect to use on colour treated hair too! 

Prior to styling, put a few pumps onto your hand and gently comb through damp hair, then dry and style as you wish. It's an instant protectant and does two things that I never thought a hair treatment could do simultaneously; leave hair soft and shiny whist keeping a style in place, even my curls don't drop! 

So, What's The Verdict?

I am so impressed with this new Defy Damage Range from JOICO. They continue to exceed my expectations with how amazing and healthy their products make my hair feel. I've had damaged hair for a while now, particularly since taking roaccutane but this has given me a complete hair transformation. It feels softer, it looks healthier, it's breaking less and it's been the perfect indulgence to look after my hair during this lockdown. 

If you're after some products to look after your damaged hair or just wanting to switch up your hair care routine with products that really work (and smell amazing!) then go and have a browse on JOICO. They cater for every hair type and style so there's something on there for everyone and I promise you won't regret it. 

It will quite literally change your hair care routine forever! 

A special thank you to the lovely teams at AJC93 and JOICO for brightening my day with these products and allowing me to try them out! 

What are your go-to hair care products? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love,
Meg x 

DISCLAIMER AD - Products gifted by JOICO and AJC93 PR. All opinions are my own. 


13 April 2020

My Top 10 Tips For Starting Roaccutane

So, you've just been prescribed with a dose of roaccutane and it's a weird mixture of feelings isn't it? One part of you is excited to finally have what could be a permanent cure for your acne, whilst the other is absolutely terrified of the skin journey ahead. It's completely normal to feel like this, I was scared too!

One of the most important things to do before, during and after taking this drug is to RESEARCH; you can never do enough! There's so many different posts out there full of peoples experiences, tips and tricks that I guarantee you'll learn something new from everyone. That being said, I'm going to add to this collection of posts with my top tips for starting your course of roaccutane!

Just some context before I start, I was taking roaccutane for a total of 9 months and my highest dosage was 50mg. I wrote a whole blog post about it, including progress photos, so if you fancy a read you can find it here.

1. Tinted Lip Balm Is Your Best Friend 

One of the most devastating things about being on roaccutane was the fact that wearing lipstick became a thing of the past. My lips were so dry that any lipstick just peeled off and generally looked gross! If you're a lipstick lover like me, then you'll feel like your make up looks drab without a pop of colour on your lips. My advice? Invest in a tinted lip balm. Not only is it super moisturising but it also adds that little shimmer of colour to your lips; it's the second best thing to lipstick and filled the lipstick shaped hole in my life. My favourite ones were from Nivea and Blistex

2. Carry Lip Balm Everywhere 

How many people have told you this? Well add me to that list.
I know you're fed up of hearing it and you probably don't believe us, but trust me when I say you need lip balm with you at all times. I'm talking every handbag, every room, every drawer; it needs to be there. Thank me for it later.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water 

As you probably know, roaccutane works by reducing oil production and shrinking oil glands which causes severe dryness, not only of your skin but your entire body. You may find that your feeling thirsty more often and my best advice is to drink as much water as possible. Not only is it generally good for your health, but it'll help with the dryness and aching joints! 

4. Keep Your Skincare Routine As Simple As Possible 

I won't go into a lot of detail about my skincare routine as I did a post on my Holy Grail Products which you can have a browse through, but all I will say is it that it's super important to keep your skincare as simple as possible. Think about it, your skin is already overwhelmed with the tablet itself, having a complicated skincare routine will make it even worse! 

I'd also recommend to use any new skincare products before starting your course as introducing them into your routine early will ensure that your skin is familiar with them.

5. Join Facebook Support Groups

This is a super important tip and one I recommend to everyone.
There's hundreds of Facebook groups, Instagram pages and Bloggers out there who talk openly about their struggles with acne and offer support to people on any kind of acne treatment. I created an Instagram specifically for my Roaccutane journey and I have to say that the acne community is so uplifting, welcoming and lovely. It might sound silly but for the first time in my life, I was actually proud to have acne.

6. Do Your Research 

I briefly touched on this before, but doing research on Roaccutane is so important; it'll prepare you for what you should expect and also give you a little bit of hope that this drug actually does perform miracles. Remember that this is not an easy drug to take, so no amount of research is too much. I'm presuming if you've found your way to this post then you're doing exactly that. 

7. Remember That Everyone Has A Different Experience 

Research is important, we've gathered that. But please, please, please don't scare yourself. We need to remember that everyone has a different experience of taking roaccutane; some say it's the best thing they've ever done whilst others will warn you off it like it's the plague. You make your own judgement but be prepared for most eventualities.

8. Document Your Progress 

Documenting your roaccutane journey with pictures and notes is super important to monitor your progress. It really helps on those days when you feel a bit rubbish and like the drug isn't working because believe me, we all have them. 

I made an Instagram specifically to document my progress. I took photos every week and wrote about any new symptoms I had or just how I was feeling. It helped me to remember that this was a marathon, not a sprint and that my skin was improving even when I didn't feel like it! 

9. Get A Tablet Organiser

If you're anything like me and are forgetful when it comes to taking tablets, I recommend investing in a small tablet organiser. They're only a few pounds on Amazon and really help to keep you organised, especially if you're on a higher dosage like me! 

10. Talk About How You're Feeling 

I thought I'd finish with the most important point, and one that I think everyone needs to hear. I don't need to tell you about the bad reports this drug has for its severe side effects on your mental health; from low mood to suicide. Please talk about how you're feeling; to your family, to your friends, to the online community - there is always someone willing to listen. My messages are always open. 

We will all have bad days when taking this drug, we'll all have low moods and we'll all feel a little hopeless. This is totally normal and completely okay, we're entitled to our feelings. I know when I was taking Roaccutane, I used to get aggravated at the silliest things and cry when there was nothing to cry about; again, that's okay. What matters is how we handle these situations and talking to someone is the best thing you can do. Trust me. 

I hope that these tips have helped some of you if you've just been prescribed with roaccutane or if you're thinking of taking it and are doing your research. Personally, although it wasn't easy, it's one of the best things I have ever done and my confidence has sky rocketed. If you are struggling with acne, go to see your GP or ask to be referred to a dermatologist -  there are so many treatments out there and acne is NOTHING to be ashamed of. 

If you have any questions or tips that I haven't mentioned, leave them in the comments or drop me a message, I'm always happy to chat! 

Lots of Love,
Meg x


2 April 2020

How I'm Trying To Stay Positive

I'm sure you'll agree that life is a little different right now. I know you don't need to be reminded about the uncertain times we're living in but that makes it all the more important to look after your brain as well as your body.

Let's be honest, it's a bit of a rubbish situation isn't it? Not being able to see my friends is driving me mad, I miss the routine of going to work every day and I already can't wait to give my grandma and grandad the biggest squeeze when all of this is over.

Does anyone else think it feels like a really bad dream? I haven't a clue what day it is, I've eaten everything in the fridge and my biggest excitement in life is going for my thirty minute sunset walk in the evenings.

Mental Health issues will be at an all time high right now and it's super important that we're checking up on ourselves as well as others and talking about our feelings. I'm not going to lie, when I first heard about all of this, the thought of being stuck with my own thoughts for a long period of time absolutely terrified me; I knew it would lead to overthinking, dwelling on past situations and generally feeling down.

Then I realised that this whole negative outlook needed to stop. The way to mentally get through this situation was to change my perspective. That being said, I'm going to share some of the ways I'm trying to remain positive in order to spread a little sunshine, keep myself sane and hopefully help some of you guys out too!

Try And Stick to a Routine 

The temptation to lie in is so real, trust me I get it. But trying to stick to a routine is so important! I've still got my work alarm set so I'm waking up early at least five days a week and it's actually helping me to make my days more productive which in turn is making me feel good about myself. I don't want to get into the habit of lazing about because it'll be a huge shock to the system when we all eventually have to go back to work!

Changing My Perspective

I briefly touched on this before, but changing my perspective on this situation has been vital in helping me to maintain a positive mindset. I've seen so many people posting on social media that '2020 is cancelled' and '2020 is an awful year'. No it isn't. Granted, it's been a bit of a rubbish few months but do not let that define the rest of your year! 

Instead of focusing on the negative side of things, I decided to see this as a fresh start; a chance to re-invent myself, to get comfortable in my own company, to try a new hobby, learn a new skill, read a new book and give my mind/body the time and love it deserves. Also, space out tasks so you're not doing everything in one go! 

Get Outside and do Exercise

Okay, I know exercise doesn't appeal to everyone but your mood can benefit from it, no matter the workout intensity or physical activity. Exercise increases the production of endorphins and serotonin which are basically happy hormones, helping to produce positive feelings and relieve feelings of depression. I'm really missing my weekly gym classes, so I workout at least three to four mornings a week and I can't even begin to tell you how much it boosts my mood! 

The Government are also allowing us to get outside for an hour of exercise a day and as long as you're following the strict two metre guidelines, this is something I highly recommend. Being cooped up in four walls will play havoc with your mind; so whether it be for a walk, a run or a bike ride, get some fresh air and a change of scenery. I take the dog for a walk every evening and I really look forward to it, it helps to clear my head and relieve some boredom. 

Make Time To Do The Things You Love 

I'm fortunate that I don't have to work from home as I usually work in retail. This means I've got more time on my hands to do the things that I love; whether that be watching my favourite series, doing a self-care day or playing on sims til the early hours. It's all about finding balance and listening to what your mind and body needs. 

Be Grateful

I wish I could put this in big bold letters with flashing lights because it is SO IMPORTANT! Yes, I know it's not a great situation right now but that doesn't mean there's not amazing things happening everyday. I've got myself a little notebook and each day I write down three things that I'm grateful for. It's making me realise that it's the little things we need to be grateful for right now. 

If anything, this is proving that the things our lives revolve around are so temporary; work, gym, shopping, restaurants, pubs, clubs...we're learning to live our lives without them. In the end, it's your own home and your family that keeps you safe. We've got so much to be grateful for! 

Listen To Music

Top tip for instantly boosting your mood: create a playlist of your favourite songs, play it at full volume, throw on your comfiest clothes and dance around the room like no one's watching. It's true what they say, music really is the best therapy! 

Get Creative 

Getting creative is the perfect pass time for these long days in lockdown; whether that be starting a writing project, playing an instrument, doing some baking, colouring in, building a house on Sims or making your own little scrapbook. You have all the time in the world right now, do all that stuff that you moan about never having the time to do. Let your mind escape this chaos for a little while! 

It's Okay To Feel Down

I know I'm preaching positivity right now but you can't be positive all the time in these situations, it's physically and mentally impossible. Eventually, it's going to get to all of us in its own little way and it's okay to cry it out, in fact you'll probably feel better for it. Just try not to dwell on these feelings for longer than necessary, speak to someone or do something that you love to escape for a little while. Just think, every day is one day closer to normality. 

FaceTime Your Pals

What would we ever do without FaceTime? We can't see our pals so make some time to FaceTime or call them, even if it's only for an hour. Make sure that you're checking on each other, talking about how you're feeling but also, make sure that you're having a laugh! Yes, it's rubbish that you can't physically see each other or nip for a few cocktails, but you can keep in contact and speak everyday. I told you, it's all about perspective! 

I know that these times can be incredibly lonely but so many people are doing livestreams, group chats and even hosting quizzes and game shows online. I'm always tuning into the Bongos Bingo Livestreams and they cheer me up so much - that's another thing I don't think I'd be getting through this lockdown without. They go live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm and seriously, just watch it. They'll have you dancing round the room and put you in the best mood, I promise!  

Have Faith That This Wont Last Forever

Because it really won't. 
Everything about this situation; the feelings, the lockdown, the boredom are all so temporary. We'll be back to normal quicker than we know it but in the mean time, just think about that first restaurant you're going to visit, that first shopping trip, that first trip to the beach, that first reunion with your friends and family. We've got all that to come and it's so damn exciting to think about. If the whole positivity thing doesn't work for you, then please just let those thoughts give you a little glimmer of hope! 

I hope that this has perhaps brightened your day a little and given you some ways that you can add a little positivity into your day. Remember to stay safe, be kind and look after yourselves. Also, let me know three things that you're grateful for in the comments! 

Lots of Love,
Meg x

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