31 July 2016

Why we're all Disney Princesses

For most young girls, their first inspiration is a Disney Princess. They do everything the can to be like them; they buy the dress, the shoes, the crown and even have the same hairstyle. They watch the film so closely and copy their every mannerism and movement so they can be just like them. I know this was me with Snow White; it was so fun to be a kid. 

As we've grown up, we've found more people who inspire us but deep down, there'll always be that little girl who wants to be a Disney Princess. It's the dream to be told that you resemble a Princess, whether that be through your looks or the way you act. As I was stood in work at the weekend, I was looking around at all the people in the shop (both staff and customers) and it made me realise that actually, we're all modern day Disney Princesses. 

Before the shop was about to close, I got the mop and bucket out and began to mop the floor. As I work in a market, it gets quiet at a certain point in the day which is when everyone starts cleaning and making sure that the stalls look presentable. I was completely oblivious to my surroundings, singing along to Capital FM and happily mopping along to my hearts content. When it was time for me to leave, I was still cleaning and my boss said to me 'Come on Cinderella, you can go home now'.

I gathered my things and went to meet my Mum after my shift. I was also going out that night with my friends so I needed to make myself look a little more presentable instead of looking like I do at work. It was like a complete transformation; in two hours I'd gone from cleaning a floor in a market stall in my leggings and a t-shirt to wearing a pretty dress, heels and having my make up done nicely. The next time my Boss saw me, she said 'You really are a real-life Cinderella'. There's only one slight difference; I didn't lose my shoe.

After this happening, it made me think about all the people who I encounter on a daily basis whether that be in a working environment or generally and how we all resemble Princesses. The lady who bakes cakes for everyone in the market on a Saturday resembles Snow White when she bakes for the Seven Dwarves. The young girl trying to expand her business and has big dreams resembles Rapunzel. The girl who constantly wants to go swimming resembles Ariel. The one who sits in the corner of the stall reading a book when there's no customers around resembles Belle.

There are so many more examples that I can think of, but if I told you them all then I think we'd be here all day. If there's one thing to take from this, it's that Disney has probably shaped who a lot of us are today, and we can learn something different from every Princess we encountered as a child and also the ones we encounter as adults. We do the exact same things as most Disney Princesses; we radiate kindness, face our fears, get lost in books, dance, fall in love and make sure things are clean. It's just we don't realise how alike we are.

We're all Disney Princesses, we just live in the real world.

Lots of Love,

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