2 February 2016

The Disney Princess Tag

I love doing different tags on my blog, I don't know what it is, but I just love having the very tough decision of deciding answers to questions. One of my favourite bloggers, Bethany, did this tag on her blog a couple of days ago. Obviously, I'm completely obsessed when it comes to Disney so this was a very big interest to me. If you want to see me struggle to answer questions about Disney Princesses then please do read on!

1) Which Princess do you like the least?
This is a really tough one, because I don't see how you could dislike any Disney Princess, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be Mulan. I've never really been able to relate to her, and I don't really see her as an iconic Princess. Sorry to any Mulan fans out there, please don't hate me.

2) Which Princess do you adore most?
I would have to say Rapunzel. I just love her. 

3) Which Princess do you relate too most?
I feel like there's two Princesses who I relate too very well. The first would be Belle, because she loves to read and always has her nose in a book. She lets her imagination run wild, and I do too! The next is Snow White because she's so gentle and kind and she spends her time waiting for her Prince to come along; waiting for love. As cheesy as it sounds, I guess that's what I do too. 

4) Which sidekick do you wish you had?
Flounder. He's the cutest little companion and I love him a lot. 

5) Which best friend would you like to hang out with?
Pascal! He's the funniest companion to the Rapunzel, and I think he'd be wonderful company. Just think, you could play hide and seek, and dress him up in cute little clothes! Ahhh, I just love him. 

6) Which Prince would love you?
Flynn. Enough said.

7) Which parents would raise you?
I feel like Princesses parents are so under-rated! If I had to choose parents to raise me, I'd either choose Cinderella's because they always taught her to be kind and have courage or I'd choose Rapunzel's 'rents because they never gave up looking for her, and they truly cared for her. There's nothing more important than having parents who teach you good values and who care for you.

8) Which Castle do you want to live in?
Ariel's/Prince Eric's castle for sure! It's so beautiful and right by the sea, what more could you want?

9) Which dress do you wish to own?
I'm going to say either Belle's ball gown or Ariel's pink gown, they are both so beautiful.

10) Which voice do you wish you had?
Ariel's. Her singing voice is stunning!

11) Which two Princesses would be best friends?
Belle and Ariel would be good friends I think. They would both be so fascinated with one another and share a genuine interest in one another.

12) Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another?
I don't think any Princesses would truly hate one another, but possibly Merida and Aurora. They just have nothing in common. 

13) Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?
This is such a hard one, probably Pascal and Gus the mouse. I feel like they'd be so funny together.

14) Which two Princes would be best buds?
Flynn and Eric I would say, because they're both gorgeous.

15) Which scene makes you cry?
The lantern scene in Tangled. Every. Single. Time.

16) What scene makes you cheer?
In Enchanted when Giselle and Robert get together. I absolutely love it!

17) Which scene makes you cringe the most?
Disney doesn't make me cringe, for goodness sake!

18) Which story do you wish was your life?
Tangled. Like imagine a stranger just turning up at your home, going on a wild adventure and then falling in love with them and being able to sit in a boat and watch lanterns in the sky. And then to top it off you find out you're a Princess. What more could you want?

19) Which movie do you love the most?
Tangled. It's my favourite film in the world. 

I really really enjoyed doing that tag, it was a lot of fun!
I tag Kathryn (imaginekathryn) and Ellie (elliesramblings) do to this tag!

Lots of Love


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