1 July 2017

Disneyland Paris Outfit Diary June 2017

I love planning Disney holidays; the food, the attractions but most of all the outfits. The more holidays I plan, the more I find myself actually taking some time to plan perfect outfits (aesthetic is everything!). Although my outfits on this trip didn't go to plan because the weather was much warmer than we expected, I thought I'd share my outfit diary with you. I'm sure that most of these items are still available to purchase but if they're not then there are alternatives available. 

In terms of style for this trip, I had one full disneybound planned and then packed some pretty dresses and shorts to wear on the other four days. I had to consider quite a few things when outfit planning for this trip including storage as we were only taking hand luggage (trust me, it was a squeeze) and the weather. For me, Disney can either be too warm or too cold, there's no in-between. The weather was the main factor on this trip as I sunburned badly on the first day meaning that it was shorts and t-shirts for the rest of the trip. You'll also notice that my first and last day outfit is the same, this is because the pretty dress I wanted to wear on our last day didn't look good with a back that looked like a tomato. Either way, I'm super happy with how my outfits looked and I hope they give you some inspiration! 


♥ Top - River Island (SOLD OUT)Shorts - Matalan (£8.00)Shoes - New Look (£9.99)♥ Ears - Disneyland Paris 


Dress - ASOS (£9.00)
Belt - Amazon (£2.99)
Shoes - New Look (£8.99)
Badge - Parkbound Buttons ($4.00)
Ears - Earning Your Ears 


♥ Top - Primark (£6.00)
Shorts - Matalan (£8.00)
Shoes - New Look (£9.99)
♥ Ears - Disneyland Paris


♥ Top - River Island (SOLD OUT)
Shorts - Matalan (£8.00)
Shoes - New Look (£9.99)
♥ Badge - Disneyland Paris
Ears - Ears Ever After 

Lots of Love,


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