25 July 2016

We Found Nemo and Dory!

If there's one thing my friends and I love to do, it's go on roadtrips. There's just something about being in a car, having the music blasting, the windows down and singing at the top of your voice that makes you feel extremely content with life. On Sunday, Rach, Liv and I took a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire. This was somewhere I spent my childhood; we'd always take trips to the aquarium to see the fish, and everything was always so fascinating. I hadn't been to Blue Planet for just over 10 years, so I was so excited to go back and go through the sea tunnel again! 

When we arrived, we headed straight into the tropics to go and look at the different reptiles, Liv wasn't too keen on this as she's not the biggest fan of frogs or spiders, but Rach was loving it and I was going round taking photos of everything with my new camera. If there was one thing I noticed throughout the trip, it was how small everything was to how I remember it being. When I was younger, everything was always so much bigger than me and it seemed like it went on forever, but going back as an adult, I realised that the tanks were really small and it lost that little bit of magic for me. I guess everything does though; it's all just part of growing up. 

At the start of the day, we had set ourselves a mission to find Nemo and Dory, both of which we found very quickly. I can now say that I have actually seen Finding Nemo and I don't know why I had never watched it before because it was so awesome. Dory is definitely a new favourite of mine. We then headed to what I liked to call 'The Big Screen'. This is basically a massive cinema screen, which is actually a tank, where you can just sit and watch all the fish swimming around and at certain points in the day, you can even watch the divers go in to feed them. I think as an adult, the aquarium was more of a relaxation than anything; just the colours and the sounds, it was so tranquil. 

The one thing I remember about my childhood visits to Blue Planet is the tunnel that you stand in and it takes you on a journey to see all of the fish. A lot of things about the Blue Planet have inevitably changed since my last visit, but this is the thing that has stayed the same and honestly I love it even more now than I did when I was younger. It was so amazing to see all of the fish swimming so freely above you, and I made friends with Sid the Stingray who kept saying hello to me every time I touched the glass (If you don't believe me, it's on our vlog!). 

After making our way around the Aquarium, and standing in a room surrounded by spiders and bugs, we went into the cafe to have some lunch. Rach and I were going to have fish and chips but we thought that would be wrong in an Aquarium. The fish would have been watching their friends get eaten and that's not really fair is it? 

For the rest of the afternoon, we just kept going round and round in the tunnel. I made friends with more stingrays and Liv overcame her fear of sharks. When we first went into the tunnel, she was covering her head every time they swam above her and screaming when she saw one swim next to her. I think we went in it so much that she just couldn't be scared of it anymore. We even got to see the fish be fed by the divers which was such an amazing experience; they were even taking selfies with people through the glass. That is the divers of course, not the fish, although it would be pretty cool if fish could take selfies. 

We ended the day sat in the gardens watching the otters swim around. The weather was so beautiful so we thought we'd make the most of it with an ice cream and a cold drink. I had the best day at the Aquarium and it's made me realise 
a) how much I love the sea and fish 
b) how much I love the colour blue
c) how much I want to be a Mermaid.

If you didn't know already, Liv and I actually have a YouTube Channel and we vlogged the whole day. So, if you'd like to see me talking to some stingrays and watch Liv be scared of sharks (it's hilarious) then click on the video below, and if you do like it, it'd mean the world if you could subscribe to us! 

Lots of Love,


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