12 July 2017

Why Disney Friends are the Best

Disney means different things to different people; it means escapism, magic and imagination, it inspires millions of people around the world that their dreams can become a reality. But to me, it means friendship. Through this little company that was all started by a mouse, I've met people who I consider to be my best friends, people who understand my love for certain things and don't think I'm weird when I get emotional, people who've been there for me when I needed them. I look back at some of my favourite memories, and every single one of these people is in there somewhere. It really is true that Disney friends are the best, and here are just some of the reasons why. 

They know the importance of photos
They'll find the perfect Instagram opportunities and will make sure that you get the perfect shot to go along with your theme. And it won't be just one photo either, expect your camera roll to be full of the same photos so that you can choose which one you think is best. 

They'll take as many photos for you as you need
You didn't like that last photo? Lighting wasn't quite right? Not a problem. They understand that you need to get everything right. Disney friends are the best candid photographers. 

They're your personal cheerleaders
If you're not having a good day or don't like that particular picture of yourself with your favourite character, they'll always be there to pick you back up and make you feel amazing again. 

Group Disneybounding
They're always up for a Disney-bound, whether that be helping you choose the perfect outfit or planning the cutest group bound. They don't care, it's all about being extra. 

They make everything fun
Standing in a 50-minute queue for Big Thunder or waiting an hour for the perfect parade spot is fun with these guys. Sometimes you think you could sit staring at a brick wall and they'd make it fun.

They'll be a patient photographer
They'll give you time to choose the perfect backdrop, perfect your Princess pose and find your best angle. 

They'll sit and wait for ages for the perfect parade spot
 Because they know how much it means to you to get that interaction with your favourite character.

They'll dance down Main Street USA with you
And they don't care if everyone's looking at you, they're always up for having a boogie wherever you are. 

The magic is always alive, even when you're not in the park
Whether it be back at the hotel or when you're home from a trip, the magic is always alive when you're with them, even if that is just on Twitter. 

You have the perfect duet partner
They'll never say no to a Disney Duet...Troy and Gabriella who?

You'll never be judged for crying
They understand how emotional certain things make you and chances are, they'll be crying with you too. That perfect meet you just had with your favourite character? Yep, they're crying.

Always ready for early park mornings
They don't moan about how tired they are or at the fact that you've woken them up at 6 am because you're too excited to sleep. They're just as excited to get into the park as you are. 

They bring out the best in you
You can be your true self around them and rest assured that you won't be judged. They are the best friends you could ever ask for. 

What's your favourite thing about your Disney friends?

Lots of Love,


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