3 August 2017

A Very Derby Day

Last week saw my parents and I escape the dreary town of St Helens for the stunning sights of Derbyshire. I'll be honest with you, it's not exactly my normal Cornish escape but due to my hectic work schedule this summer, it's the closest I'm going to get to a holiday. Derby isn't too far from where we live but it somehow feels like I'm in another country altogether. One minute you're driving through a busy town and the next you're surrounded by trees and fields with so many beautiful shades of green (I'm not really a fan of the colour green, but the sights could have changed my mind). 

We woke up early, Dad cooked us a fry up and then we headed to our first destination which was Carsington Water. My parents visited in 2016 and I'd heard a lot of lovely things about it so, with my camera in my hand, I stepped out of the car, ready to explore. Carsington is one of the many reservoirs around the Derby area and I was disappointed to see the water levels so low. The grey clouds loomed over us and I couldn't understand why my Mum and Dad loved this place so much. If you're planning on taking a trip to the reservoir then I recommend visiting on a sunny day, the atmosphere of a place is highly influenced by the weather and although it wasn't cold, the dull sky did nothing for the picturesque views. 

Nevertheless, we took the dog for a long walk around the reservoir, bumped into the cutest Frenchie and then Mum and I went to have a look around some of the shops. When we'd finished shopping, the sun was trying to break through, so we sat on the embankment of the water and watched as some of the visitors took part in various water sports activities. Carsington would be the most stunning place to visit if you had the right weather and the right company. We're already planning a visit on a sunny day; we're going to take a picnic, some games and make the most of the giant field that surrounds the water. 

Our next destination was the small town of Bakewell. I've been to Bakewell once before but I can already say that it is one of my favourite places to visit in the UK; just walking around transports you to another world and it doesn't feel like you're in England anymore. We parked the car and walked over the Love Lock bridge which is one of my most vivid memories of the town. I love looking at the Locks that line the bridge and, pardon me for putting a downer on things, I couldn't help but wonder how many of the people who had confessed their love to one another on this bridge were still together now. I imagine that bridge has seen some adorable sights but also some pretty brutal breakups. 

Monday is the Bakewell market day so whilst Mum and Dad scoured the stalls for a bargain, Buster and I sat by the river whilst I did some writing. That's if you can count writing as jotting down notes on the scenery because you think you might want to use it in some work at a later date. It's always good to keep your options open though, right? 
Listening to the water as it drifted down the river and gently rolled off the rocks created such a peaceful atmosphere. Again, it's not exactly the same as sitting on a beach in Cornwall but Bakewell reminds me of my second home. It's like a piece of Cornwall has been slotted in the middle of Derby so I have somewhere close to home that I can visit when I'm missing the quaint villages of the Duchy. I'm making this whole experience sound so relaxing, and it was until Buster decided that he didn't want to sit still anymore and would rather chase after the ducks instead. 

When they'd finished browsing the market, we left Dad outside the pub with a beer and the dog so that Mum and I could go and see everything that Bakewell had to offer. The market was bustling with people and there were stalls for everything you could imagine, including a bakery, clothes and beauty. Working in a market, it was lovely to see the townspeople getting involved and supporting small businesses; it added to the character of the town and it's one of the reasons why I love it so much. 

We then began to walk down the small lanes passing an array of bakeries, vintage boutiques and ditzy cafes with floral table clothes and sparkling trees. If you hadn't guessed from the name, Bakewell is home to the famous Bakewell tart and if you've never had one of those before then you must have been living under a rock. Until I visited Bakewell, Mr Kipling made my favourite Bakewell tart but I will tell you now, you have never tasted a more delicious Bakewell tart than the ones that they bake andBakewelln Bakwell. I feel like I've said Bakewell tart too much and it doesn't sound like a real word anymore. It wouldn't have been a trip to the beautiful town without visiting the Bakewell Bakery and picking up some of the iconic tarts to devour when we got home. 

Venturing further down the cobbled streets, we explored more of the handmade vintage shops and I snapped some photos of the stunning architecture. Bakewell is so instagramable (I can't believe I've just said that). As we were walking back to the pub, we came across the town's flower garden. People were sat on the benches as we walked through and took in the sweet aroma of the perfectly arranged flower displays. It was so aesthetically pleasing, it actually made me feel very relaxed. Mum took some photos for an outfit post that is coming in the next few weeks and then we went back to Dad who was still sat outside the pub, watching the world go by. 

Shopping is thirsty work, so whilst I sat down and tucked into my Bakewell tart, Dad surprised me with a bottle of my favourite cider (after Cornish Rattlers, of course). We sat and talked for a while, telling Dad about all the pretty things we'd seen in the shops as he pretended to be interested but in reality couldn't have cared less about what we were telling him. I think I was too busy enjoying every last crumb of my tart to even be bothered about what was being said. Seriously though, have you ever seen a happier human being with a cake? 

We thought we'd left the grey clouds at Carsington but they soon caught up with us, so we decided to bid goodbye to Bakewell and head back home to settle down for the night. On the way home, we came across a small pub at the bottom of a country lane. We saw that they accepted dogs, which is a huge bonus in our eyes, so we asked them if they had a table free and double checked if it was okay to bring Buster in for some food too. The meal was delicious (I swear all I do is eat) and it was so nice to spend some quality time with my Mum and Dad; I really don't do it enough. As we were leaving the pub, the sun was beginning to disappear behind the hills so we sat on the benches and watched as the sky descended into darkness. 

It was such a perfect day and I can't wait to go back to Bakewell again soon!

Lots of Love,

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