28 June 2015

Happy Campers!

When it was our last week of College, my friends and I decided to make a list of all the different things we wanted to do over the Summer. Now that our exams have all finished, we have a long extended Summer from now until September when we hopefully all go to University. On this list, one of the main things we wanted to do was go camping. We'd planned to do it as a little celebration after exams had finished in order to just chill and have a laugh. 

So, on Tuesday, we set off to go to the Lake District. It was a two hour journey, but we managed perfectly with our Power Ballad CD and bag full of food. I think the journey there was one of the funniest parts of the whole trip. We followed Rachel's Sat-Nav which took us up the highest hills, and then on the tightest roads you could ever imagine, we couldn't complain though because the scenery we saw was absolutely breathe-taking. We like to think that we chose to take the scenic route. During our little adventure, we had to sit in the car for 10 minutes to wait for a sheep to cross the road (Good ol' Lake District). We took a little break halfway through our journey, so Liv and I took the opportunity to take a selfie with a cow.

When we arrived, we were around half an hour early, and the other people hadn't arrived yet. It also didn't help that the guy who owned the campsite wasn't answering when we rang the bell which meant we were trapped. The weather was so beautiful, so we sat on the benches for a little while and played cards whilst we waited for the others to arrive. This is when we met Doug. Now, Doug is a dog, in fact, he's the dog of the man who owns the campsite, but for some bizzare reason, he wanted to stay with us for the majority of our little holiday. Doug and his stone, which he carried around with him all the time, became like our best friend. He gave us cuddles, helped us put the tent up and stole some of our food, but we still loved him. The campsite we were on was called 'The Old Post Office' and was next to a lovely little River. I spent most of my time sat at the River, just watching and listening to the water. Soon enough, everyone joined and we went paddling, apart from Ben and Rach, who decided to go for a swim (I'm pretty sure they regretted it afterwards because the water was absolutely freezing). 

After having our tea at the lovely pub that was next to the site, we went for a little walk and then settled down inside the tents. It was here that the majority of the laughs were had. We decided to play a game called 'Cards Against Humanity' and this was the first time I had ever played. Oh My Goodness. I have never laughed so much at a game in my life, it allowed me to be mean and hilarious at the same time; how brilliant! As it got later, we walked to the toilets (well, I didn't, I was given a piggy back by Ben and Amber) and then went to bed. 

Waking up the next morning was a pain, I didn't really sleep well thanks to our delightful neighbours who kept us up snoring all night. Sadly, Rach, Liv and I were going home that day because I had to get things ready for my holiday (which I will be on as you're reading this) and Liv didn't feel too good. We went and sat in a cute little pub for a while and then headed off on our journey home!

It's been such a hilariously fun trip!
Here are some of the photos I took...

Gorgeous little stream at the side of the campsite

Liv and I found a Cow!



Me, Amber, Rach, Carmen & Riss

Always the weird one pulling faces in the background


Paddle Paddle Paddle
Liv, Me, Rach and Richard (We Stole Amber's Selfie Stick)

Lots of Love
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