1 July 2015

June Favourites!

So, here's another post that I've scheduled to automatically post because I'm currently on my holidays at the moment. As I haven't done a favourites post in quite a while, I thought that this would be a fun thing to do. As it was my birthday recently, a lot of the things included are things I got for my birthday, so I'm very sorry if I don't know where they are from or how much they are. 
Let's get on with it...

First in my favourites is one of my favourite things that I got for my birthday. As many of you know, I am a massive Disney fan, and Peter Pan is my favourite character. My best friend Charlotte had this T-Shirt personally made for me, with my two favourite things in one; Disney and Starbucks. I absolutely adore this T-Shirt, it's one of the most adorable things I own. 

Next in my favourites is this lovely Thomas Sabo necklace that my parents gave me for my 18th birthday. It's got an infinity sign on the end which allows you to put on little charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club. I have already put on my drama mask charm, but it allows me to change the charms whenever I want too. It can be purchased from Thomas Sabo, and many other good jewelry shops, but I absolutely love it!

Next up, is this 'Princess Tiara' ring from Pandora. I've wanted a Pandora ring for such a long time now, and when I saw this one, I knew it had me written all over it, so to speak. However, we had a lot of problems getting the right sized ring for me in Pandora as the smallest size didn't fit. The ring was changed to fit my finger and it was bought for me, for my birthday, by my friend Amber. I was such a lucky girl that day. I never take this ring off, it's like my baby. 

My life long friend Liv got me this lovely set of Ted Baker beauty products for my birthday. From the fact that they are rose gold, I completely love them. The scent is absolutely beautiful, and I particularly love the body spray because it lasts for ages. I wore this for my 18th birthday party and everyone complimented that I smelt nice. I would definitely recommend to buy this stuff. I love it.

As I've said, I'm currently on holiday, and I've been looking for a little makeup bag for such a long time. Thankfully, for my birthday, my friend Riss got me this gorgeous little make up bag. I received this little one, which I use to store my brushes, and then another larger one which I use to store my makeup. They're so so cute! 

Yet again, more Disney, it's clear that people know me so well. Charlotte, who got me the cute little t-shirt you saw previously, is like my second family, therefore, I received these cute little pyjamas from her parents and her little sister. They're from Topshop and they're so adorable! Hakuna Matata is my favourite Disney song, therefore, these were the perfect pyjamas to get for me. I absolutely love them and they're so so comfy.

This is a cute little pillow which is an extra addition to my room. I named him Bert,  don't know why, but who doesn't love random names from time to time. Anyway, it's in my favourites this month as it's so cute and cuddly and I like it a lot. 

Now we move onto fashion. This is going to be my holiday bag this year. It's from LYDC London and it's got a little strap which means it can be turned into a satchel (which is how I wear it). The colour and the cute little daisies on the front make it the perfect bag for the summer and it's big enough that I can fit a lot of things into it. Also, there's a lot of different secret compartments around the bag which is perfect for storing money and passports and important things. I also got a matching purse too!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
I got these lovely white heels from New Look for £19.99 and they're the shoes that I wore for my 18th birthday party. Although I could only wear them for two hours because they started to hurt and caused me to get blisters, they are a gorgeous colour and perfect for summer. I love the style, they made me look really elegant and grown up. I'd definitely recommend to get them if you want a shoe that is quite neutral but perfect for the summer months.

I love the Body Shop. There, I said it. So when my cousin got me a massive set of Body Shop products, I was over the moon. I use these every single day and they smell soooooo good I could eat them. This is the coconut scent and for me, it's the nicest one of them all. They make your skin feel so soft, cleansed and leave you smelling lovely! What more could you want?

This lovely little necklace was personally made for me and features a tiny little 'M'. I've wanted a sentimental necklace like this for quite a while now, therefore, for my 18th birthday, it was the perfect occasion for me to buy one. I wear this everyday, and it'll be perfect to take to University with me. If you want something that's quite small and sentimental, I'd recommend getting something like this. 

Finally, and I do apologise for not having a photo for this product, but my last favourite of the month is my new phone. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy A3 in the colour Pearl White and I absolutely love it. I'm normally used to using Iphones, therefore I was quite worried about switching to Android but after doing so, I wouldn't go back. I 100% prefer it. It's more practical, so much easier to use and the camera is soooo good. So that it could get involved in my blog post a little bit, all the photos taken on this blog post have been taken with my new phone! If you're thinking of getting one then I'd definitely recommend it.

I hope you're all well and that you've enjoyed reading what I've been loving this month.
See you when I'm home off holiday!
Lots of Love
Meg xox
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