15 June 2015

My 18th Birthday

So in my previous blog post, I told you that I was turning 18. And guess what? Now I am officially an adult! On Tuesday 9th June, it was my birthday, and although I wasn't having any big celebrations on the actual day, I still had a really lovely day spent with my friends and family. I woke up early in the morning to find the house decorated in balloons and badges and confetti; it looked very cute if I do say so myself. I was extremely lucky and very spoilt by my wonderful friends and family. Throughout the day, people came to visit and spend some time with me which was really lovely because I was able to see people who I hadn't seen for quite a while. On the night of my birthday, I had a little get together with family at my house, which included a cake with sparklers and then went and met some of my friends at the pub so that I could get my first legal alcoholic drink with my own ID! Honestly, it was the most satisfying thing being ID'd and actually having some to call you own!
I'll attach some photos from the day below!


Then it came to Friday. So, I told my mum a couple of months ago that I really wanted a party for my 18th birthday; have all of my friends and all of my family in one room and just dance the night away. When I first mentioned it, my parents initial reaction was that no one would come, but it was a chance I was willing to take seeing as you only turn 18 once and I knew that I'd regret it if I didn't do anything. So, on Friday, I had my 18th Birthday party. It was one of the best nights of my life. I had everyone I loved in one room, and there was so much love from everyone, it was quite overwhelming. I have never felt so loved before in my life. I can't thank my friends and family enough for making the day so special, especially my Mum and Dad for everything they did. As soona as I walked into the room I was greeted with more balloons and confetti and eighteen very very embarrassing photos of me from over the years, how delightful! I had to make a speech, much to my dread, and then everyone sang happy birthday to me which was so amazing. One of the highlights for me was the end song of the night. I chose my all time favourite song to end the night which was New York New York by the legendary Frank Sinatra. Everyone stood in a circle around me, as I stood in the middle and kicked their legs along to the music as I did a very random dance in the middle. I honestly had one of the best nights of my life!
Here are some photos of the night!

Lots of Love
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