7 June 2015

Seventeen things I learnt whilst I was 17

Welcome to the scary part of my life. On Tuesday, I am no longer classed as a child as such, because it's my 18th birthday. There's no doubt that I'll probably still feel the same, and turning 18 won't make me grow up (because Peter Pan is my idol) but it's still a scary time. I won't be able to get a 'child' ticket on the bus anymore, how devastating! I've been reflecting on this past year, being 17, and I've realised how much has changed in my life, and what impact this has had on me as a person. I saw my lovely friend Kathryn (imaginekathryn.blogspot.com) do this post, and I wanted to do it, because I want to share with you my experience of being a seventeen year old.

1) Everything happens for a reason.
I know I say this a lot but I can't stress how important it is to know this. So many thing have happened this year, some of these things, when they happened, I thought was the worst thing that could ever happen. But, as I've looked back, I'm glad they did happen, because it's impacted on me in a very positive way now. Life has a funny way of making things work out. 

2) Do what YOU want to do
This year, I had to make the big decision as to if I wanted to go to University. I knew what subject I wanted to study, instead of doing a subject that would get me a job, I did a subject that I enjoyed. Although people disagreed with what I wanted to do and told me it was a silly decision, I stayed with my choice because it was what I wanted to do, not anyone else. 

3) Exams don't define you
Like I said in my previous post, exam results don't define you. There's been so much pressure on me in this past year and do you know what? Just because I might fail an exam doesn't mean that I can't do that subject; as long as I know I've worked hard and tried my best, then that's all I can do.

4) Don't change yourself just to impress a guy
We all know what it's like, that moment when you realise that you really like someone and you want to impress them, therefore you do your hair differently, wear more make-up and change your music tastes, in hope that they'll notice you. WELL STOP! I did that too, and it's not worth it. It doesn't make them notice you. If they truly like you, they'll like you for you, and not your alter ego. Don't try and be someone you're not. If he can't accept you for you then he's really not worth your time.

5) Real Friends are always there
So when you're 17, you're in college and more often than not, a lot of your friends have gone to different colleges. A true friend is one of those friends who you don't have to see all the time but when you meet up, it's like you never stopped speaking. Make an effort to see your friends, and if it's a one-sided effort, don't bother.

6) If you're not ready, say No.
The amount of times, especially in this past year, that people have asked me to do things that I didn't want to do because I didn't feel ready is unbelievable. If you are not ready to do anything, even if your friends are pressuring you to do it, say no. It's clear there's some form of doubt in your mind, and if there's any doubt then you should say 'no'.

7) Being on your own isn't always a bad thing
It's okay to want to spend time on your own. I'm a person who likes to be surrounded by other people, but sometimes, when you need some alone time, that's okay too. If everyone else is going out and you don't want to go, then don't go. It's okay to just want to chill.

8) It's better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn't do
Unless it's like drugs or something, definitely don't do that. But I promise you that you will enjoy life a lot more the more you say 'yes' to things. I've started to say 'yes' to a lot more things and it's impacted my life in such a positive way.

9) The stage is where I belong
I've had a lot of doubters during my time being a drama student, but after doing auditions and doing a lot of performing this year, I've realised that the stage is where I belong, doing creative things is where I belong. It's where my heart lies, and I'm going to continue doing what I love.

10) We all develop at our own paces
If someone else is doing something that you're not doing yet then don't worry. We all develop at different paces. Never compare yourself to other people, because you have your own personality, and you were put on this earth to be yourself.

11) 'Kerplunk' and 'Snazzy' are my favourite words
I don't know what it is about them, but they're awesome words, and I like them a lot

12) Face your fears
I have a terrible fear of planes, so this year, I've booked to go away on holiday, on a plane, with my friends. It was going to happen someday, and I'm learning to deal with my anxiety, and the only way to get rid of your fears is to face them.

13) I want to publish a novel one day
I've decided that I want to publish a book one day. I don't know when, I don't know what it will be about, but it's my dream. Writing is what I do, it's the only thing that allows me to let my imagination flow, to let me create a world that I wish existed. I want to share my world with other people, and let them escape to it too!

14) Never be ashamed of the things you like
It's no secret, my ultimate favourite genre of music is swing. I love Frank Sinatra. Even though this isn't the conventional for a typical seventeen year old, and I love other music too, I've had people laugh at me for admitting this in the past. But what's the problem? Frank is amazing.

15) Family are so important, so make time to see them
I don't feel like I see my family as much as I should, and this year, I met family members I never thought existed. It meant the world to me to see them and to actually find out who they were, what they did and how they looked. Making time to see my family is so important, so it's something I'm doing more of, definitely.

16) Walking the dog is relaxation
My dog is like a mini human, I love that little fluffball to pieces. When I'm revising for exams, I find that walking the dog helps me to wind down. I love taking him out, it's such a good pass time and it allows me to speak to other people, which I love.

17) Face everyday with a smile
Waking up with a positive attitude and positive intentions is so important. I've found that waking up everyday with a smile, and seeing the positive side to things has really impacted on my life in a positive way.

Reading that back, that seemed quite inspiring. Oops.
Lots of Love,
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