18 November 2015

Rimmel London 'The Only 1' Lipstick Review


I've never really been a lipstick kind of girl; bold colours drew too much attention to my face, yet nude colours made me look pale. I just couldn't win. But, as I got older, my face became more defined and I started to experiment with different lip colours. My main lip colour to go for is either a berry or a red, these colours suit me the best. My favourite lipstick, and my go-to lipstick for anything, is the Rimmel 107, and, up to now, it's one of the only lipsticks I owned. 

I was browsing through Instagram the other day, and I noticed Rimmel London advertising their new brand of lipsticks. I've been wanting to try out a new colour of lip for quite some time, I wanted to get away from the dark colours, because sometimes they look a bit too bold for just a normal day at Uni or going for a coffee with friends. I've been looking for the perfect nude pink. And now I think I've found it. When I was scrolling through, this one colour took my eye and I knew immediately that I needed to go out and buy it. 

So, I strolled into Superdrug (which has a three for two offer on at the moment), and went straight to the Rimmel section, only to find a variety of colours in this new lipstick. I was literally spoilt for choice. In the end, I chose the shade '200' which is called 'It's A Keeper'. 

This is the perfect natural pink shade. It's the best for the day, if you're just going for a completely natural look but still want something that adds a little bit of a statement to your look. I really prefer the shape of this lipstick, it's much easier to apply and it feels so soft on the lips. This colour is beautiful, and it lasts for ages. It's got a small shimmer too which means it could be worn on a night out if the dark colours just aren't your thing. The lipstick itself makes your lips look very hydrated, healthy and natural which is the perfect look. Another thing I really like about this is the packaging, it looks so classy and it's just a nice size that you can fit in your handbag, it's not too big but not too small either.

Although this lipstick is £6.99, it's well worth the price and I would definitely recommend it. Even if you don't get this colour, definitely get this type of lipstick because it's perfect. I can't rave about it enough. Plus it's best to go out and purchase it now whilst Superdrug have an offer on all the make up. It'd be a nice shade to wear with lip liner too, if you do want a more bold look, but the lipstick on it's own is perfect for a natural look. 

Definitely a five star rating. 

Lots of Love,

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