15 November 2015

The 1975 & Meeting Matty

Hello Everyone!
It's the event I'd been waiting for for just over six months. When The 1975 announced that they were touring the UK again, I knew I had to get tickets. I was so disappointed when I couldn't get tickets to go to their previous UK shows, so I was the first on the laptop when tickets were released. I've loved this band for just over a year and a half. Their music reminds me very much of summer and my holidays, which is one reason why I think I love them. It's just the type of music that you can put on in the car and jam out too. 

On Monday, I was finally able to see The 1975 live. It was possibly one of the best experiences of my life. People had been queuing outside the venue since 7am in the morning, so when we arrived at half past six, the queue was around 2 miles long. Okay that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but it was a complete trek to the end of the queue. After waiting for around an hour in the freezing cold, singing Justin Bieber's new track Sorry, we were finally let into the hall. It was packed full of people, we were like beans in a tin, but I guess that added to the atmosphere. Before we knew it, the support act began to play, and they were amazing. Although, I think they could have maybe done covers of a few songs that the crowd knew, just because it would have helped to raise the atmosphere a little more. 

Then it began. The 1975 casually strolled onto the stage and began their set with their new single 'Love Me' (which is such a tune). They were phenomenal, and they were so humble. I don't think they expected that many people to turn up to go and see them, and they just kept thanking people for turning up which was adorable. They played songs from their debut album, such as 'Girls', 'Sex'. 'Chocolate' and my personal favourite 'Heart Out'. But, as an extra little treat for the people who came to this tour, they played us some of the songs from her new album, which were sooooooo good! After hearing the songs they played for us, I cannot wait for their new album; it's going to have some tunes on it!

After a very sweaty show, and believe me, it was sweaty, we headed to the back of the venue to try and meet them. We didn't think we'd have a chance of meeting anyone from the band, but it was worth a try. When we arrived, Matty was smoking from the balcony and waved to the fans waiting for him outside. He then asked if we were waiting for him, to which we all replied that we were, and then he told us that he'd be down in 10 minutes. One hour later, and they still hadn't come down. They really were making us wait. 

Then, Matty emerged from the door and the crowd pushed to get to him. We'd been at the front waiting for over an hour, but we got dragged and pushed to the back by fans, meaning sadly we didn't get to meet him. So, we ran to the very end of the queue and we waited for another 10 minutes. That's when security pushed us out of the way, and we stumbled over the curb. I can't even begin to tell you how rude the security at the venue were, but if it weren't for Matty we wouldn't have met him. When he saw that we'd been pushed out, he told the security to stop and came back to us. We told him that we really enjoyed the show and he then took many photos with both of us. He's honestly one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and the band deserve all the success in the world. 

I can't wait to go and see them on tour again soon!
Lots of Love,


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