6 May 2016

A Wednesday in May

I've finished my first year of University, but you guys knew that already! 
A lot of people I know are celebrating this occasion by either going on holiday or going out getting extremely drunk, and as fun as that sounds, I think I've spent too much money on alcohol this year. So, because we didn't fancy that whole drunk thing, my friends and I decided to go to Chester Zoo. 

This day trip had been planned for a while, but we just didn't know when we were going to go. We'd decided a Wednesday in May, but that was about it. Wednesday is a good day to do things, it's just the right place in the week to do something big and exciting; it gives you something to look forward too and then something to talk about at the weekend. Basically I love Wednesdays, is that just me?

On Wednesday, Tori, Caroline, Lauren and myself headed off to Chester to go and see some cute baby animals. We hopped on the train in Liverpool and went on the underground to Chester; this was the first time I'd ever been on the underground so I was pretty excited. I mean I was excited to see the penguins of course, but something about going on the underground excited me also. We had a long train ride, then hopped on a bus in the beautiful city of Chester to head over to the Zoo. 

When we arrived, the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sky was a clear, beautiful blue and the birds were singing. I don't think we could've chosen a better day to go; I told you Wednesday was the best day of the week. We then set off on our journey around the Zoo, visiting all of the animals and even stopping to sunbathe for a little while. I made friends with some ducks, a giraffe and an elephant as well as getting to feed some penguins. Do you ever just walk around the Zoo and say "Aw I want one", "That's soooo cute I want one" because that was literally the only thing that came out of my mouth for the whole day. We were able to see the new additions to the penguin family at Chester Zoo, and let me tell you, they are absolutely adorable. They're like little bundles of fluff. Can you tell that the penguins are my favourite? I often think I'd like to come back as a penguin in another life. They're so chilled out just swimming around all day!

One of my favourite parts of our trip was visiting the new Islands part of the Zoo. It reminded me very much of a foreign country; especially with the weather being so nice, we could've been anywhere in the world. The Islands has a lovely feature where you're able to take a river cruise around the Islands to see the tigers and monkeys. It was so relaxing and different to be able to sit in a boat and cruise around the river; we even saw a little baby monkey clinging to it's Mum (that was another one of the animals that I wanted to take home with me). The whole experience kind of reminded me of being on a ride in Disneyland Paris but without the drops and thrills. 

We had such a fun day celebrating the end of our first year and we even came up with a few writing ideas. I came home with a baby penguin called Flipper, very sore feet and a phone full of photos and memories all created in one day. Also, in case you read my blog post the last time I went to the Zoo, I didn't get attacked by a Chimpanzee this time!

Enjoy some of the photos me and my lovely friends took on our day out! 

If you want to see more of what I got up to at the Zoo, I vlogged the whole thing and it's up on our YouTube channel so if you get a moment, you should go and check it out

Lots of Love,


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