12 May 2016

The Tsum Tsum Tag

Tsum Tsums are the must have for all Disney fans.
They are the perfect way to get a subtle bit of Disney into you life, and lets be honest now, it's hard to resist buying some when they're all stacked so cutely in Disney Store. My lovely friend Jade has tagged me to do the 'Tsum Tsum Tag', so if you want to hear more about Tsum Tsums then carry on reading!

1) How many Tsum Tsums have you got?
I always said that I'd never buy Tsum Tsums because I knew I'd want more, and I kept this up for a very very long time; that is until the Peter Pan collection came out. I remember saying to myself I'd only get a few from the Peter Pan collection and that'd be all yet here I am with a collection of 11 tsum tsums.

2) What was your first?
My first tsum tsum was Peter Pan (obviously) closely followed by Tinkerbell, Wendy and Tiger Lily.

3) Do you have a full set?
It's shocking to say, but I don't. I do think tsum tsums cost a lot for what they are, so I try to limit myself to the amount that I buy. If a collection comes out I only tend to buy my favourite characters, but if I had enough money I'm pretty sure I'd buy every collection there was.

4) What is your favourite set?
Definitely Peter Pan! They're just so flipping cute!

5) Who is your most wanted Tsum Tsum?
Baloo the Bear from Jungle Book. I know that this collection has been released but I can't seem to find him anywhere. I saw him when they first came out but thought I'd leave it for a while and now I am completely regretting that decision.

6) What set do you want them to make?
I'd love them to make either a Beauty and the Beast set (there are some rumours that these are going to be coming out soon) or a Sleeping Beauty set.

7) Do you collect just Disney or do you collect the Star Wars and Marvel ones?
I only really collect the Disney tsum tsums. I mainly buy the characters that I love, so because I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel and Star Wars (purely because I haven't seen them) I don't buy them.

8) Do you have any ones from Clintons/Target/Other non Disney Store shops?
The majority of the tsum tsums I own are from Disney Store, but I do have Snow White and Dopey which are from Clintons. I just think the Disney tsum tsums feel better, if that makes any sense.

9) Do you dislike any tsum tsums?
Not that I can think of, I thought they could've done a bit more with the Tangled set though!

10)  Who do you think they should have release with previous sets?
They should've released some more characters with the Tangled set such as the Thugs, and I think it would've been pretty cool to have a Melody in with the Little Mermaid set.

Thankyou again to Jade for tagging me to do this!
I tag anyone who fancies doing this tag, and if you do then leave a link to your post in the comments so that I can go and read them!

Lots of Love,



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