17 October 2016

Saving Money at Uni

One of the hardest things about going to University is having no money. Before they go to Uni, every student says that they wont spend their money all in one go and that they definitely wont go into their overdraft; this is all total lies. I can guarantee that, at least once, you will experience the feeling of having no money and having to live off bowls of cereal whilst you wait for your next payday. It's all good until your flatmates want you to go out and you have to make them buy all of your drinks for you, promising that you'll pay them back one day when your degree gets you the well-paid job it's meant too. So, today I thought I would give you 5 tips on how to save money at University. 

1. Shop at Aldi
I'll admit it, before I went to University I was a complete food snob. Shopping at Aldi or Lidl just wasn't on my agenda; my food was coming from either Tesco or Asda and that was final. But Uni has changed me and now Aldi is my favourite place, it has everything you will ever need. All your food snob eating habits need to go out of the window and you need to start shopping at Aldi. Their food is just as nice, if not nicer than the most popular supermarkets plus doing a weekly shop on £10 leaves you enough money to go on that night out you've been desperate for. 

2. 'Do I really need it?'
This is a tip that can be applied to saving money at Uni but also in everyday situations. If you see something you really like whether that be an item of clothing, make up or a new album just think if you really need it. I saw the most beautiful skirt when I was out shopping with Mum today and in any normal situation, I would've been straight to the checkout and it would've been coming home with me. However, I wouldn't have gotten my wear out of the skirt, it was something that could only really be worn once or twice; only really over the festive period. I ended up putting the skirt back and saving myself  £30. If you don't really need it in your life, and if you can definitely live without it then do yourself a favour and save your pennies. 

3. Take advantage of Student Discount
The discounts for students nowadays are absolutely amazing, everywhere has some form of offer on for students and it's the perfect way to save yourself some money. Either get yourself an NUS Card or download an app such as UniDays where you can find all the discounts available to you. It'll save you so much money and allow you to treat yourself more. Always make sure that you ask if there are any discounts available to students, a lot of companies offer them but don't advertise. Also, I would like to stress that you shouldn't just buy stuff if it is discounted (which I do all the time even though I know I shouldn't). Remember if you don't need it then put it back. 

4. Get a part time job
This is the perfect way to both save and gain money. Companies are more than willing to employ students and offer them some part time work whilst they complete their degrees so apply and get yourself a little part time job. You'll be so busy going to work that you won't be tempted to spend money that you don't have whilst also simultaneously  gaining money because you're at work. Genius idea, I know. 

5. Don't buy your reading list books
If there's one thing I've realised from being a student, it's that you don't need any of the books that they pester you to get. 9 times out of 10 you can find these books online, in the libraries or the extracts you need will be given to you in lecture. Unless it is a definite need then save yourself some money and don't bother. It's definitely not going to affect your degree in the slightest. If you do have to get a lot of books however, I would recommend splitting costs with your friendship group and then photocopying the pages that you need. 

I know that I'm no Martin Lewis (gold star for you if you know who that is) but I hope some of those tips helped you save some money at Uni. What's your biggest money saving tip?

Lots of Love,


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