18 October 2016

Should I Swipe Left or Right?

Welcome to 2016, where the idea of romance means swiping right or giving someone's photo a cheeky like on Instagram. Compliments are no longer existent and have been replaced by fire emojis with some love heart eyes thrown in, and all you need is over 20 likes on your instagram selfie to give you the reassurance that you look great. People don't physically talk to each other anymore, gone are the days when you'd bump into someone at a bar or have a good chat in the street; instead we just avoid the embarrassment and drop each other a message on Facebook. It's like we don't possess the confidence to actually talk to people anymore, has the world actually gone mad?

I blame this whole thing on the dreadful invention that is Tinder. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think Tinder is all that bad and I know people who have had wonderful relationships that have started on the app.  However, it's completely changed the way dating used to be. Yep, I'll admit it, I joined Tinder one drunken night in Liverpool for a bit of a laugh and I absolutely hated it. Okay, it was fun at first, swiping left and right. It's basically just a way of judging people before you've even got to know them. Then, you talk for a few weeks,go on a few dates and  just like that you have a new relationship. 

We literally have to sell ourselves, like people sell houses at an auction, just to find a little bit of companionship and I think that is incredibly sad. One the one hand, it's amazing that we are able to re-invent ourselves and show that little bit of confidence we may not have in person but that then gives a false impression and is that really fair? What I'm trying to say is that you can never trust the people you meet on apps such as Tinder; when do you ever find good things in a sale? 

In the modern day we are so consumed by our jobs and social media accounts that it's so hard for us to actually meet people. My parents met through friends of friends and 27 years later they're married and have had a child. It's very hard for them to process the fact that things aren't like that anymore; meeting people through going out with friends just doesn't happen. My generation would much rather stay in and binge watch a series on Netflix than actually go out and meet people.

Speaking of not making the effort, there's no proper dates anymore which makes dating completely unappealing. 'What do you mean by a proper date?' I hear you ask. Well by a proper date I mean dressing up and going out for a meal or doing something really different like a theme park.We just don't make the effort and go for the easiest option; I hate to say it but romance is completely dead. If dating means going out with someone to watch them text other people on their phone and take a few snapchats to prove that they've actually left the house then count me out. I'd rather not go on a date with someone who's just going to sit on their phone all the time. From a female point-of-view, Gentlemen don't exist and if they do then they're incredibly hard to find; you're probably not going to find a guy who will give you his jacket in the rain and if you do want one of those guys then I can guarantee you will not find him on Tinder. 

We are so consumed by our appearance and comparing ourselves to others that we forget the things that are important. Sure, to love someone we do need to be attracted to them physically but looks aren't everything; I'd personally rather have someone who can make me laugh than a catwalk model with the personality of a mop but that's just my opinion. Tinder makes dating less about meeting someone you really get on with and more about the way you look. For example, you could swipe left on someone who can make you laugh and will give you and amazing date for someone who has the personality of a brick wall and doesn't have any of the confidence they seem to have in their bio. It's an utterly ridiculous concept.

However, I am a huge fan of shows such as First Dates. The idea of going to a fancy resteraunt on a blind date really intrigues me. I've considered applying for First Dates a couple of times, mostly when alcohol has been consumed, as I think it'd be an eye-opening experience. I am a firm believer that love will come looking for you when you're not looking for it. Imagine getting to know someone over a nice meal and having instant replies rather than tearing your hair out trying to decide if they're ignoring your messages or if they've just gone to sleep. 

I think I've made it very clear that I'm an old-fashioned, hopeless romantic, but I'd love to hear your opinions on the whole thing so leave them in the comments below. 

Lots of Love,


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