2 January 2017

My 2017 Resolutions

Happy 2017 Everyone!
We're already two days into the new year and I hope it's treating you all well. I've spent these first two days curled up on the sofa in an attempt to recover from what was the best New Years Eve I've ever had. We went to Revolution, a cocktail bar on the Albert Dock in Liverpool, and spent the whole night dancing and singing to the best songs of 2016. There was a lady in a giant cocktail glass, someone breathing fire and a guy with a light up saxophone who stood on podiums around the bar and played along to the songs. It was such a good night and when the clock struck midnight, the Beatles blared from the speakers, confetti sprinkled around the room as we watched fireworks light up the sky on the Albert Dock. It was as perfect as it sounds. 

With every new year comes a list of resolutions; things we would like to achieve by this time next year. I always write a resolutions list but the main problem is that my resolutions are the same every year and are unrealistic. So this year I thought it would be best to write about the things that will be achievable and I can't wait to embark on a new adventure! 


♥ Read More Books
I spend so much time on the internet and with my phone glued to my hand but this year I want to be able to take a break from social media and get lost in another world. 

♥ Spend less time on my phone
As I said, I spend so much time on my phone that I don't appreciate the time I spend with my family. I somehow feel pressured to document my everyday life online but this year it's going to stop. When I'm spending time with family and friends, my phone will not be moving from my bag. 

♥ Learn to Drive
This is something I am determined to do this year. I miss the freedom I had at University; to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and the only way I'm going to get this at home is by learning to drive. I've already planned the songs and albums that will be playing on my road trips. 

Drink more water
I definitely don't drink enough and I think that's why I'm tired a lot of the time. I'm making sure that I drink at least four glasses of water every single day and then hopefully I can work that up to more. 

Work out at least twice a week
I was going to make this resolution to work out every single day, but that's just not realistic. Instead, I'm going to make it my aim to work out twice a week, potentially three times if I'm feeling good. It's all about getting into shape and feeling good about myself. 

♥ Learn to love yourself
I want to learn how to love myself this year and to be 100% happy in my own skin. I'm not letting anyone bring me down, the people who I need in my life will somehow find a way to stay. 

Cut out fast food
Not completely; everyone loves a McDonalds from time to time. But after looking at my bank statement and seeing where I spent the majority of my money, it occurred to me that I spent too much of it in fast food restaurants. I need to start eating healthy and hopefully my body will thank me for it too! 

Get deadlines submitted ahead of schedule
I am so last minute when it comes to submitting work for Uni, so this year I want to make sure that I have got everything written way ahead of deadline. I don't want to be spending the first few months of 2017 stressed out. 

Write more
Considering I'm studying Creative Writing at University, I really don't write enough in my spare time. I want to change this in 2017 so I'm going to dedicate more of my time to writing short stories, improving my technique and hopefully plucking up the courage to read out some of my work at an open mic night. 

I'm determined to have so many wonderful adventures this year, whether that be visiting different places around the UK or creating magical memories in Disneyland. I can't wait to document everything on here so that you can follow all of my adventures. 

I'm hopeful that 2017 is going to be kind to us all this year, and that in January 2018 I will be writing about one of the best years of my life. If you've made any resolutions this year, I'd love to hear about them in the comments. 

Lots of Love,


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