9 October 2016

Kindness & Courage

If you follow me on social media, you'll have notice that I have been victim to a certain amount of hate mail from pathetic trolls who clearly have nothing better to do with their lives. I would like to take this moment to thank everyone for their kind tweets and messages; I am very lucky that I don't let things like that affect me. The opinions of people who don't know me don't matter to me, because they certainly have nothing to judge me from. How can you really form an opinion of someone you follow on social media? 

If anything, these comments have made me realise how quick we are to complain and judge. And, I'm not just talking about some people; I mean all of us. As much as we try not to do it, we all judge people; those we do know and those we don't; whether it be celebrities we see on the TV or our closest friends and family. We are so quick to criticise, but not as quick to pay people compliments. It's like when you go to a resteraunt and have the most amazing food you've ever tasted, you never go to the chef and pay him compliments, you just leave and don't say a word. However, if your food tasted disgusting or was under-cooked then you would be first to complain. We're all the same. 

In order to spread a little more positivity in the online blogging community, I wanted to do a blog post on the importance of being kind. There's so many ways we can be kind to other people and make such a difference to someone's day. My aim now is to make at least one person smile everyday, because just one nice comment can completely change your outlook on the day; it can blow the clouds away on some of your darkest days. 

If someone posts a photo on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook and you think they look super lovely, then tell them; leave them a little comment and let them know. There's nothing like a comment on one of your photos to give you a massive confidence boost. I've started doing that a lot more, and I don't just do it because I'm trying to be kind, I do it because I genuinely mean it; it's nice to think that you made someone smile. Also, if you read someone's blog post or watch someone's new YouTube video and you really like it then give them a comment and let them know. There's nothing nicer than knowing that your hard work has been acknowledged and that someone likes the stuff that you make. It makes you want to try harder and lets you know that the thing you spend so much time preparing and making is actually worthwhile. 

I think the world would be a much happier place if everyone was kind to each other. It seems that girls can be so kind to each other when they're stood, intoxicated, in the toilets of a nightclub, paying every single stranger they meet compliments. But why can't we take this level of love and kindness and throw it into reality. I wish everyone treated each other with the kindness that us girls do when we've had too much to drink on a night out. As they say, drunk words are sober thoughts.

The online blogging community is all about supporting each other, fuelling each others confidence and spreading so much love and kindness. It'd be so nice if everyone could just be nicer to each other; make the world and the online community a nicer place for everyone.

Lots of Love,


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