5 May 2017

Long Time No See...

Well, it's been a while. 
In February, I had a little rant about how I thought Disney was being lazy with its films and now we're in May and I haven't posted since. I didn't actually realise that it's been so long since I last posted because in my head I've had so many amazing blog post ideas, they just haven't made it to the page yet. 

A lot has happened since I last spoke to you all. Firstly, I was very lucky enough to attend Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary Celebrations a few weeks ago. It was potentially the most magical, heart-warming trip I've ever had and I can't wait to share everything that happened with you all. I've got so many photos and character meets to tell you about so straight after I've finished writing this, I'll be preparing the first instalment of my Disney blog posts. Secondly, I've started YouTube again. It really isn't the greatest thing in the world but I missed having something to do so I decided to make some new videos and upload them to the internet. I've got some Disney vlogs ready to be uploaded and I can't wait for you to see them. And finally, I've just finished my second year of University. I can't quite believe I'm going into my final year, I know it's going to be a lot of hard work and stress but it'll all be worth it in the end. 

I know I blame University all the time, but that really is the problem. I need to work on my time management so that I can still keep up with blogging and complete my Uni work at the same time. I really wish I knew how people manage to keep a good blogging schedule. Seriously, teach me your ways! 
But you'll hopefully be pleased to know that this is the first of many blog posts that you'll be seeing over the Summer. I've got such an exciting summer planned including a few trips to Disneyland Paris, a writer's retreat to Wales and a lot of fun packed days out with my family and friends. I've never been more excited to write a blog post than I am to write this one. It feels so good to be back! 

I hope you'll all continue to read what I post. I can't wait to bring you along on all my adventures this summer! 

Lots of Love,

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