3 February 2017

Why can't Disney do something new?

Recently, Disney has been annoying me. And before you ask, it's not because the annual passes are going up in Disneyland Paris, or because Moana didn't win an Oscar (although those two things shouldn't have happened). What I want to talk about is how Disney is lacking in imagination. 

Picture this: A group of men and women are sat around a large white table at Disney HQ, sheets of paper piled high in front of them and they're ready to discuss their ideas for the new Disney film that will grace our cinema screens the following year. I imagine that there's so many young, talented people working for the company who are bringing new, current ideas to the table; films that include new Princesses, new adventures and new characters to inspire the new generation. However, their ideas are being pushed to the side by some stupid person who thinks it's a good idea to turn the classic Disney animation films into live action. And it's completely ridiculous.

Now, I didn't mind it when they announced that they would be making a live-action Cinderella because it was a one off and I will admit that it was a beautiful film. However, from the success of that film, we now have a live-action Beauty and the Beast being released this month, a Mary Poppins currently being filmed, and a Little Mermaid and Mulan already in casting. What is happening to the Walt Disney Company!? I thought Walt Disney wanted his company to be a place where people could let their imagination run wild, a company that would produce new films that would instantly become classics, covering current issues and inspiring generations. But that's just not the way things are going.

I often wonder what Walt would think of the way the company is today, and honestly, I really don't think he'd be happy. If he were around today, I think he'd tell the people working for him to get in touch with their imaginations, get creative and come up with a new idea instead of creating a film they've already made. We've all heard the news that Walt Disney Company isn't exactly doing the best financially, but in my opinion, they're wasting money creating films they've already made when instead they could be coming up with new ideas and getting the company back on track.

It makes me incredibly sad that when you talk to a child about Cinderella, they'll think you're talking about Lily James. And when they go to meet Belle in the parks, they'll expect to see Emma Watson instead of the classic animation. It is so important that we keep the animated classics alive. They are ruining the Walt Disney Company and everything that it stands for. Let's be honest,  they will never compare to classics anyway!

What are your opinions on this topic?

Lots of Love,

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